Challenge Check In – November

I just realised that it’s already December. I mean, I registered this over the weekend of course, because I started opening my T2 advent calendar and drank December 2nd’s tea this morning with my breakfast. But it wasn’t until seeing all of the monthly check in posts on my word press feed that I thought, ‘huh, it’s December. Better see how my reading’s been going.’ So let’s take a look.

Challenge Stats:

#aww2019: 4 books

Book Bingo with Mrs B’s Book Reviews and The Book Muse: 1 book – ALL FINISHED!

The Classics Eight: 2 books

Total Books Read in November: 10 books

Until next month…

5 thoughts on “Challenge Check In – November

  1. Great to see you on point with your challenges – well done! I need one of those T2 advent calendars! I’ve added Clare Bowditch’s book after your review. Happy December, here’s to a lovely month ahead of holiday reading!

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