2018 Book Bingo

This year I’m teaming up with Mrs B’s Book Reviews for a book bingo reading challenge. We’ve even created our own card!




We have come up with a bingo plan that will ensure I play bingo throughout the year instead of after the fact on the last day of December (which has been my usual game plan). On every first and third Saturday of each month, Mrs B’s Book Reviews and I will post a bingo entry. Given there are 25 squares, we’ll have an extra Saturday in March and June. We aren’t coordinating our squares, because we agree it will be more fun to see what each of us comes up with for each round. Although it would be funny if we coincidentally ended up with the same book for the same square! This is our kick off post, so the first entry will be posted on the 20th January.

Play along if you like! Feel free to use our card and tell us about your entries along the way via the comments on the bingo posts. If you are a blogger, we’d love it if you joined in via your own blogs, but please let us know so we can follow your progress.

Don’t forget to check in with Mrs B’s Book Reviews for her #bookbingo kick off post!


72 thoughts on “2018 Book Bingo

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  2. Hi Theresa (and Mrs B)
    If I was to join in, would I link my reviews here in the comment section as I read? And they don’t have to be read in order, do they?


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  3. Row #1
    Set more than 100 years ago
    – [book:Burnt by the Flame|37539041] by [author:Sharon Robards|1684084] AA
    Written more than 10 years ago – [book:Lost Light|126507] by [author:Michael Connelly|12470] 2003
    A memoir – [book:Finding Gobi: The True Story Of A Little Dog And An Incredible Journey|36061624] by [author:Dion Leonard|16100915] AA
    More than 500 pages – [book:Congo Dawn|34667960] by [author:Katherine Scholes|300238] AA
    A foreign translated novel – [book:The Final Murder|34355086] by [author:Anne Holt|218707]

    [bookcover:Burnt by the Flame|37539041] [bookcover:Lost Light|126507] [bookcover:Finding Gobi: The True Story Of A Little Dog And An Incredible Journey|36061624] [bookcover:Congo Dawn|34667960] [bookcover:The Final Murder|34355086]

    Row #2
    A yellow cover
    – [book:The Memories That Make Us|36361816] by [author:Vanessa Carnevale|14975334] AA
    An author you’ve never read – [book:The Missing Child|36652250] by [author:Alison James|17361567]
    Non fiction – [book:Traitors|35633053] by [author:Frank Walker|643206] AA
    Collection of short stories – [book:A Maigret Christmas|35074088] by [author:Georges Simenon|9693]
    Themes of culture – [book:Framed!: A Young Boy’s Fight to Survive in the Wild Australian Bush|35687947] by [author:M.E. Skeel|15098973] AA

    [bookcover:The Memories That Make Us|36361816] [bookcover:The Missing Child|36652250] [bookcover:Traitors|35633053] [bookcover:A Maigret Christmas|35074088] [bookcover:Framed!: A Young Boy’s Fight to Survive in the Wild Australian Bush|35687947]

    Row #3
    Written by Aussie female
    – [book:A Place to Remember|36272975] by [author:Jenn J. McLeod|6830545] AA
    Written by Aussie male – [book:The Agency|35099824] by [author:James Phelan|4395917] AA
    Prize winning – [book:Caleb’s Crossing|11289465] by [author:Geraldine Brooks|211268] AA
    Scary – [book:Under a Dark Star|31563031] by [author:Anna Faversham|6905076]
    A mystery – [book:Two Kinds of Truth|34604319] by [author:Michael Connelly|12470]

    [bookcover:A Place to Remember|36272975] [bookcover:The Agency|35099824] [bookcover:Caleb’s Crossing|11289465] [bookcover:Under a Dark Star|31563031] [bookcover:Two Kinds of Truth|34604319]

    Row #4
    Forgotten classic
    – [book:Playing Beatie Bow|395868] by [author:Ruth Park|53234] AA
    One word title – [book:Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow|33276673] by [author:Jessica Townsend|16727429] AA
    Non human characters[book:Esme’s Wish|33634667] by [author:Elizabeth Foster|16257101] 5β˜…s 5/1/18 AA
    Funny – [book:Fatal Chocolate Obsession|23665938] by [author:Sally Berneathy|4638423]
    Number in title – [book:Year One|34812815] by [author:Nora Roberts|625]

    [bookcover:Playing Beatie Bow|395868] [bookcover:Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow|33276673] [bookcover:Esme’s Wish|33634667] [bookcover:Fatal Chocolate Obsession|23665938] [bookcover:Year One|34812815]

    Row #5
    Became a movie
    – [book:The ABC Murders|21085299] by [author:Agatha Christie|123715]
    Based on true story – [book:The Secrets at Ocean’s Edge|36155356] by [author:Kali Napier|17133050] AA
    Everyone is talking about – [book:Every Note Played|37004600] by [author:Lisa Genova|978484]
    Written by someone under 30 – [book:To Hatch a Thief|35716016] by [author:Zara Keane|7729304]
    Written by someone over 60 – [book:Manhunt: BookShots|35820184] by [author:James Patterson|3780]

    [bookcover:The ABC Murders|21085299] [bookcover:The Secrets at Ocean’s Edge|36155356] [bookcover:Every Note Played|37004600] [bookcover:To Hatch a Thief|35716016] [bookcover:Manhunt: BookShots|35820184]

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  4. Yes, physically, either on the computer or on a print-out. I’m not sure how to do it so I can see the category and then how I’ll display it at the end. Computer graphics and things like that aren’t my strength.

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