My Reading Life: #aww2017 Wrap Up


Last year, my participation in the Australian Women Writers Challenge stepped up a notch as I took on a few volunteer roles behind the scenes. My passion for supporting the women writers of Australia has culminated in a whopping 74 of my reviews being contributed to the AWW database, my highest total ever. I did in fact read an additional three titles to what’s listed here, but these books weren’t due for publication until the new year and as I was bound by agreements with the publishers to hold off on revealing these reviews, they have instead given my #aww2018 challenge a jump start.




In alphabetical order by author surname, here’s the complete list of my #aww2017 titles:

Adnams, Cheryl. Handpicked
Bailey, Sarah. The Dark Lake
Bigelow, Lisa. We That Are Left
Brear, Anne. Where Rainbows End
Brewin, Emily. Hello, Goodbye
Carey, Ella. Paris Time Capsule
Carnevale, Vanessa. The Florentine Bridge
Carter Mathers, Georgia. Trelloran Seduction
Carter, Elizabeth Ellen. Dark Heart
Carter, Elizabeth Ellen. Captive of the Corsairs
Christensen, Maggie. The Good Sister
Daniels, Anna. Girl in Between
Forsyth, Kate. The Wild Girl
Forsyth, Kate. Bitter Greens
Forsyth, Kate. Beauty in Thorns
Fox, Candice. Crimson Lake
Freeman, Kimberley. Evergreen Falls
French, Jackie. Third Witch
Green, Sophie. The Inaugural Meeting of the Fairvale Ladies Book Club
Guy, Louise. Everyday Lies
Guy, Louise. Fortunate Friends
Ham, Rosalie. Summer at Mount Hope
Harper, Jane. Force of Nature
Hart, Pamela. A Letter From Italy
Hay, Ashley. A Hundred Small Lessons
Henry-Jones, Eliza. In the Quiet
Henry-Jones, Eliza. Ache
Hills, Lia. The Crying Place
Hurst, Lori T. A Hint of Darkness
Hurst, Lori T. The Journey of Emmaline
James, Melissa. Beneath the Skin
James, Wendy. The Golden Child
Johns, Rachael. The Greatest Gift
Jones, Andrea. Offshore
Kelada, Odette. Drawing Sybylla
Kelly, Kim. Paper Daisies
Kelly, Kim. Wild Chicory
Kent, Hannah. The Good People
King, Nadia L. Jenna’s Truth
Ladd, Kylie. Mothers And Daughters
Ladd, Kylie. The Way Back
Laguna, Sofie. One Foot Wrong
Laguna, Sofie. The Choke
Lane, Karly. Six Ways to Sunday
Leary, Rachel. Bridget Crack
Lester, Natasha. Her Motherโ€™s Secret
Lette, Kathy. After the Blues
McAlary, Brooke. Slow
McIntosh, Fiona. The Last Dance
Mildenhall, Kate. Skylarking
Moriarty, Liane. Big Little Lies
Moriarty, Liane. Truly Madly Guilty
Morton, Kate. The Forgotten Garden
Mulligan, Monique. A Bouquet of Love
Mulligan, Monique. Under Her Spell
Murdoch, Kate. Stone Circle
Nash, Charlotte. The Paris Wedding
Nicholls, Kelly Brooke. A Reluctant Warrior
Parkyn, Stephanie. Into the World
Prichard, Katherine Susannah. Haxby’s Circus
Read, Ellen. The Dragon Sleeps
Ridout, Sarah. Le Chateau
Rose, Heather. The Museum of Modern Love
Schmidt, Sarah. See What I Have Done
Sinclair, Alli. Beneath the Parisian Skies
Smith, Pip. Half Wild
Taylor, Virginia. Wenna
Tozer, Gabrielle. Remind Me How This Ends
Trope, Nicole. Forgotten
Wainwright, Holly. The Mummy Bloggers
Wasley, Sasha. Dear Banjo
Williams, Sarah. The Brothers of Brigadier Station
Wood, Charlotte. The Natural Way of Things
Woods, Tess. Beautiful Messy Love

I do hope you’ll consider joining me in the Australian Women Writers Challenge for 2018. Click here to find out more about the challenge and to sign up.



8 thoughts on “My Reading Life: #aww2017 Wrap Up

  1. That’s an impressive list Theresa. Congrats! And thanks so much for your work on the challenge. It’s been great having new blood and enthusiasm. You’ve made a wonderful contribution and I look forward to sharing more books and AWW “stuff” with you this year.

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  2. Congratulations! That’s a lot of books to have read during 2017. Thanks for everything you to do support Australian Women Writers, and for all the behind the scenes work you do for the AWW challenge.
    Thanks for the link to the 2018 signup. It’s at the top of my to-do-list! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  3. Impressive list! I’m getting slowly into this year, with 2 or 3 read and reviewed already, or with the reviews scheduled. I’m hoping this year I can knock off as many challenge categories and bingo squares with #AWW2018 reads as possible. So far, there are two in the book bingo that I have been able to do this for. I’m aiming for a different book per category.

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