#BookBingo2020 – The BIG Reveal

Pop on your sunnies because you are about to be dazzled! In honour of a brand new decade, #BookBingo has put on its party wear.

I’ve teamed up once again with Mrs B’s Book Reviews and The Book Muse. It’s going to be a little different for 2020, the card has less squares, allowing us to run bingo on the second Saturday of each month. Also, for the first time since beginning bingo, I haven’t specified genre, type, or even fiction or non-fiction for the categories. 2020 is all about themes, and from there, the choice is wide open.

First bingo Saturday for 2020 will be on:

Saturday 11th January

Bingo dates thereafter will be:

Saturday 8th February

Saturday 14th March

Saturday 11th April

Saturday 9th May

Saturday 13th June

Saturday 11th July

Saturday 8th August

Saturday 12th September

Saturday 10th October

Saturday 14th November

Saturday 12th December

Without further preamble, the moment you have all been waiting for…

Hope to see you joining in! If you want to play along, just tag us on social media with your bingo posts each month. You can also join the Page by Page Book Club with Theresa Smith Writes over on Facebook, where we all post in the same place on the same date and chat over each other’s entries. Alternatively, drop a link each month into the comments of my Saturday bingo post so I can follow your progress blog to blog.


20 thoughts on “#BookBingo2020 – The BIG Reveal

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  2. Most definitely, there should be a much wider use of electronic glitter. Maybe I’ll get my friend to make that my background for my website lol

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  3. I’m tempted to join in this year but I’m not sure. Do you need to publish a challenge sign-up post or publish how you’re going on your blog? The only thing holding me back really is that I don’t want to create a whole bunch of extra posts for my blog subscribers. Perhaps I could ‘play along on the sidelines?’

    I’m interested in the Mount TBR Reading Challenge (organised by Bev) but haven’t decided yet for the same reason. Keen to hear your thoughts.

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