Happy Easter!

I’m getting in early with the Easter wishes because things are very hustle and bustle with me right now. It’s been very quiet on the reading front because last week I had house guests and this week I’m travelling. Even though I’m only away for four days, two of those days involve being in a car for 12 hours and the other two in between are jam packed busy. One of the things about living so remote is that when you go anywhere by car, it’s a long drive. And when you get to your destination, you cram as much in as possible. So, that makes for not much reading and reviews being put on the backburner. I’m hoping for a return to normal programming next week!

So, if Easter is something you celebrate, best wishes to you. If not, well, just enjoy the public holidays. See you on the other side!

19 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. Hi Theresa. I can relate to the long days sitting in a car. For a while we lived on the far west coast of South Australia. I think we were closer to the Nullabor than to Adelaide. Even living in QLD now, all my family still live interstate. I hope you enjoy your time away. Happy Easter!

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