Beautiful Books: The Queen by The Australian Women’s Weekly

Since the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, there has been a multitude of magazine tributes popping up. I have been holding off buying any of them, despite my love of royal photo tributes, and I’m glad I did because this beautiful book that The Australian Women’s Weekly has brought out as a tribute to our late Queen’s life trumps them all. Simply titled, The Queen, it is a photo history of her life.

There are articles peppered throughout, from the WW archives, but overall, it was the photos I bought this for and there are 200 glorious pages of them. It did not disappoint. My absolute favourites, which show the Queen as Elizabeth the woman more than Elizabeth the monarch:

I bought this book and am under no obligation to review it but I just wanted to share it here for any others who loved our Queen and would treasure a memorial like this. I bought my copy from Big W but I’d say it would be available anywhere you can buy The Australian Women’s Weekly from. Highly recommended!

‘I declare before you all that my whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong.’ – Queen Elizabeth II, South Africa, 1947.

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Books: The Queen by The Australian Women’s Weekly

  1. Thanks for your review, I’ll look out for this. My grandma gave me her collection of books from the Queen’s coronation (and early years on the throne). We shared an interest in the royal family, and all through the platinum jubilee celebrations, I was thinking how much my grandma would have loved to have watched it. And the Queen’s death, also made me think about my grandmother (who died ten years ago).

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