The Week That Was…

Busy! The week was busy. Goodness, I had forgotten how tiring juggling everything was when you actually have to leave the house for a block of hours each day. Still, it was good to be back in the workplace. I’m sure my body will adjust.

It was announced today that Queensland schools will fully reopen to all students on Monday May 25th. My youngest is a strange mixture of thrilled and astonished that he’s thrilled about going back to school. He’s never been a fan of school until when he wasn’t allowed to go. Humans!


I’m seriously considering signing up for a thirty day free trial of Stan just so I can watch Normal People. I loved this book and the FOMO has kicked in now that everyone is posting about and even talking about it at work!


Joke of the week:

This one describes me to perfection. I’ll hardly watch any movies because they take longer than a TV episode and yet I hardly ever stop at just one with TV!


Book of the Week:

Delightful and surprisingly insightful.


What I’ve been watching:

This was excellent! There was such a sense of foreboding throughout, an utterly chilling atmosphere. The acting was superb. Highly recommended! I am desperate to read the book now, despite its length.


What I’m reading right now:


Until next week… 😊☕📚

18 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

  1. My kids will be back at school June 9th. I think it’ll be a mix of glad to get back to friends/be outside etc and also a bit of reluctance to leave the life they’ve been leading!

    I’ve read Normal People and it was just ok for me. I didn’t love it like a lot of other people seemed to. I don’t have any interest in the adaptation which is good I suppose, as I do not have Stan!

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      • My oldest has enjoyed a lot of Fortnite, which he won’t get to do when he goes back to school! That’s been his main form of socialising with his friends and even though he’ll enjoy being back with them in person, I think he’ll miss the levels of gaming he’s been achieving. But he needs to go back, being at home isn’t testing his mind like school does. And he needs a challenge, he needs things to be a bit difficult or he gets super lazy.

        My youngest is like me – introvert, enjoys his own company, finds lots of other people exhausting. He has good friends that he plays with at school but I think he’s actually really liked isolation lol. Much like me. But he’ll adjust too, when he’s back at school.

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  2. LOL Theresa The Spouse signed up for one of these streaming services when we got our new TV and neither of us have ever watched it. When I was watching a lot of TV after the eye op, I was glued to SBS On Demand, and that was enough for me:)

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    • I pay for Amazon Prime ($4.80 per month, so in terms of indulgences, it’s a cheap one and I get a lot of enjoyment out of it). My two eldest split the cost of Netflix between them and in thanks for giving them life, food and board, they gave me access so I can watch. If I signed up to Stan, it really would be just for the free period to watch this one show, I think. I just don’t watch enough TV to accommodate a third streaming service. I barely look at Netflix, last year to watch The Crown was the last time.


      • LOL the joy of grateful sons!
        But that is cheap, it’s cheaper than QuikFlix at $9.99 for two DVDs per month. However, the charm of QuikFlix for me is that I can access foreign film so it’s worth it. Last night I watched an interesting film from Quebec called Mommy, which sounds awful, but it’s about a single mother’s struggle to manage her violent teenage son, and although very disconcerting, I think it was a good counter to any tendency I might have had to be judgemental, as in: why doesn’t she just #insert strategy that worked with my own offspring. I would never have come across this film if not for the way QuikFlix groups foreign film altogether and you can browse through the brief summaries so easily.

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  3. My book club is doing The Woman in White and because we run it through a library (and the library is closed) we have all been allocated audiobooks. I’ve been listening to it while repainting rooms in the house and I can thoroughly recommend it if reading the print version feels daunting. Will have to check out the series once I’m finished.

    Enjoy the return to school! We are celebrating in our house 🙂

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    • Isn’t a terrific story? There’s so much in it to dissect and turn over. I’d probably prefer the book though, I’m not good with audio. I lose track of the story without the visual in front of me. I’m glad you were able to still read it for bookclub despite the library closure though!
      I’m sure there are plenty of kids who have never been so excited about going back to school! 😄


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