Shelf Share: Watched in Isolation

Following on from yesterday’s post about what I read during my seven weeks of isolation, I thought I’d take a quick look at what I watched. Because I’ve definitely watched more TV than normal!

Television shows:

Medici – Season one

Medici – Season two

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – Season two

Outlander – season five (watched weekly as each episode became available)

Overall pattern: exclusively historical fiction! No surprises there.


Overall pattern: more of a mix of genres when it comes to the movies.


Everything I watched, both movies and TV shows, was enjoyable, with the exception of Pet Sematary which was terrifying but still worth watching – with the lights on. So, all in all, anything on this list is a solid gold recommendation!

15 thoughts on “Shelf Share: Watched in Isolation

  1. Oddly, I think I’ve watched less… I have binged a couple of shows (I don’t normally do that) but on reflection, I think my work has taken up time in the evening – ordinarily, I can’t ‘bring work home’.

    That said, I have watched After Life S2, Dead to Me S2, and Tiger King. Very much looking forward to Belgravia (BBC First channel on Foxtel) which starts in a week or so.

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