The Week That Was…

It’s been a minute since the last weekly update. It seems like time has sped up this last fortnight and then collided with double the amount to do. My sons had their birthdays – 16 and 18 – and a good time was had by both. My daughter turns 20 this coming Wednesday. I’m surely not old enough to have a child no longer in their teens, but yikes, it seems I am.

This past week saw me buying a chest freezer, which has honestly been on my shopping list for more than a year. You would be forgiven for thinking I’ve only bought it so that I have room to store ice cream…

And these. Because flowers just always brighten every day, don’t they?


Joke of the week:

It’s a wordy one…


What I’ve been watching:

Two of my favourites are back with new seasons, thankfully weekly episodes so that I can pace myself and still have time for reading.


What I’ve been reading:


Until next week…

20 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

  1. A big happy birthday to all your kids! I hope you’re all enjoying every moment!

    I’m almost embarrassed by how hilarious (and relatable) I found “the fuckening” so.. Thank you, I needed that laugh.
    And I’ve never heard of “Sanditon” but I’ll definitely be looking into it.

    Have a fantastic weekend!

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  2. Happy birthdays all round! I am full of admiration for you as a mother of a 20yo daughter. (With a 14yo here, just beginning the ‘teen-ness’, I just can’t imagine coming out the other side. But clearly you’ve made it, hooray! <3) I'm looking forward to your review of the new Anne Tyler. Have a lovely week. xx

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