The Week That Was…

I had a few plants on my front balcony with my bird statues and I decided this weekend that a little expansion was in order, particularly the injection of some flowers. I do really love flowers but actual gardening in garden beds is not my strong point, nor is growing things from seeds. But so far, my pot plants have thrived in this space on my balcony so I thought I might really set to with creating a little balcony garden made up of pot plants.


Joke of the week:


What I’ve been watching:

True confession. I am a Batman fan from way back. And while this movie isn’t a Batman movie, it’s part of the same world building and that’s good enough for me. I really enjoyed this. It’s absolutely bonkers and incredibly violent, but also very funny. Plus, the female empowerment put a smile on my face.


What I’ve been reading:


Until next week… 😊☕📚

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