The Week That Was…

In the space of a week I am now feeling reasonably settled in. Everything I brought with me is unpacked – there’s still plenty to come but I’ll worry about that later – and I have furniture! I’m loving my living room right now.

And the #tbr is set up. These are the books I brought with me, all of the others are in boxes to come. These ones are the books that have arrived from publishers or been purchased (only about 5 are purchases) since September, in case you were wondering about the selection process.


What I’ve been watching:

I’ve been a little bit brain dead with starting a new job and thinking about what I need and when I need it, so I was chasing some easy watching and this hit the spot nicely.


Joke of the week…


What I’m reading right now…


Until next week… πŸ˜Šβ˜•πŸ“š

29 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

      • Ha! To be fair, I unpacked the books last. Had my kitchen done first, worked through the bedroom and then living room.
        Taking the books out and setting them up was like a lovely finishing touch ritual.


      • I think I would do more or less the same… it’s 40 years since I had to move house, but I would reverse the order of bedroom and kitchen β€” somewhere to collapse in exhaustion first, then coffee or something stronger…
        But it’s all looking very good, like a home:)

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      • Well, the bedroom had my mattress on the floor, so I still had somewhere to collapse! After a few days of that though, I assembled the bed and was grateful for not being low to the ground anymore!
        It’s definitely feeling homey.


  1. Love the book piles and managed to spot a few I have on mine too. Great to hear you’re settling in okay and at least you have plenty of books to read until the rest of your ‘stuff’ arrives. I remember the hassle of updating publishers with a new address, a spreadsheet helps πŸ˜‰

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  2. I am super impressed how quickly you’ve unpacked and settled in and made things cosy. I think it’s the book stack that really adds to the cosy though πŸ™‚
    When’s the house warming?

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  3. Glad you’re settling in and the place is looking good! I’ve actually not received that many books recently and barely any that I’ve requested. I know I cut back on my requests but still…. of course like you I’ve been enjoying some mindless screen time!

    Sounds like you’ll be happy there.

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    • I think I will, although I’ll be more settled once I’m in my own home, but that’s six months away. I need to wait for tenants to vacate and their lease doesn’t run out until beginning of June. It’s my biggest annoyance out of all this, that I couldn’t just go straight into my own home.
      This year has been very hit and miss with review books being sent out. Plenty of not what I asked for and maybe 50/50 on what I have.

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