The Week That Was…

Ladies in Black. If you missed my post raving about it, you can read it here. I loved this movie and almost want to watch it again this weekend but I’m determined to read the book before I re-watch.


This has to be the funniest thing I’ve seen online in ages:

When you live in a roughish town, this strikes a chord!


Love and Other Battles by Tess Woods. It’s not out until the 17th of June. I read it this week and loved it. A novel for our times.


I had to dust off the photo hard drive this week so I could provide three photos to my daughter’s school for graduation: baby, toddler, and primary school. Of course, this has led me to the inevitable project of uploading every digital photo we’ve ever taken to the cloud. So far I’ve done 2002 (the year we went digital) through to 2012, including some scanned images from my uni days. Tripping down memory lane and also paying tribute to all the dogs I’ve loved before.


I used to scrapbook but moving and losing a whole room set up as a craft space made me set it aside – not give up, just setting aside for a time! But the hard drive contained a folder with a photo of every project I did. There’s 654 photos; so 654 scrapbook pages. That’s a lot and I’m kind of proud of myself and miss it all the more now. So glad I’ve photographed them all too. Memory lane got a little soggy when I saw this one, my beloved grandma with me, way back in 1977:

The page is almost as frothy as my christening gown! This page was featured in a magazine about ten years ago for use of white on white through different textures and shades. I was lucky enough to be published several times over in an Australian scrapbooking magazine, back in the day.


Dancing Eisteddfod week! Two performances down, two to go over the weekend. Only solos this year, no groups. It’s the last one, with dancing daughter now 17 and in year 12. She started dancing back in 2005 in the year she turned 3. It’s the end of an era I hadn’t given much thought to until this week. I’ll miss it. Dancing is a terrific sport and we’ve both made a lot of friends through it. She’s keeping a toe in though via a teaching role in her dance school. ‘Miss Claire’ already has a following.


I’ve signed up for a free trial of Amazon Prime. Anyone have it? Thoughts? There’s a few shows and documentaries on there I’ve marked to watch. Wednesday night I watched the first episode of this:

It’s in Russian with subtitles, but narrated in heavily accented English. I’ve never watched anything Russian before. So far so good. It seems very well cast and the costuming is divine, as is the setting.


The Handmaid’s Tale. I watched ahead last week to episode 3. Serena Waterford. What character development. She is incredible and episode 3 might just be my favourite of the entire series. No spoilers but the fire and then later in the ocean…really strong stuff.


Hope your week has been a goodish one…

11 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

  1. I didn’t know that either. I do scrapbooking too, but nothing I have done is good enough to be featured in a magazine.
    But I treasure the scrapbook that I made for my father’s 80th birthday. He was totally shocked when he opened it up and saw what it was, and he loved it to bits, I have it now, and I have one that I made for my mother too, which I finished just before she died.
    I like scrapbooking because you can do journaling and that’s what makes it better than just keeping a photo album. At the moment, I’m working on a scrapbook of all the houses I’ve lived in, 14 before I was in Grade 5, on three continents! Google Maps has been very helpful at getting images…

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    • I love that idea! All of the houses you’ve lived in, such a novel concept. I treasure all the pages I’ve created using photos of both sets of my grandparents. When my grandfather died, I was sent a package by my grandmother that was wrapped up tight with my name on the front written in my grandfather’s hand. It contained a collection of old photographs, including some taken during WWII, one on VE day of my grandfather with some fellows on a roof celebrating. He knew about my scrapbooking because I’d been making small albums for them for years of my kids. It turns out that before his Alzheimers took hold of him, he pulled all of these photos out of albums and boxes, made the package up for me with a letter and then gave it to my grandmother who wasn’t allowed to post it until after he died. He couldn’t have possibly done anything more meaningful.
      I’m not sure why, but when I opened this comment and saw that you scrapbook, I was completely unsurprised, as though I expected it to be of interest to you. Funny how we form hunches about people!

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      • I think it’s a lovely hobby.
        And you know, I think lots of people spend years fossicking around in the family history of generations past, and yet they never think to give their children a scrapbook about themselves and their own lives, which is probably what their children are most interested in… and what future generations would really value. Our grandparents kept diaries and letters and so on, but our generation has nothing but digital stuff which will all vanish when we die and our accounts are closed.

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