New Release Book Review: Redemption Point by Candice Fox

Redemption Point... About the book: #1 New York Times bestselling author Candice Fox delivers a compulsive new crime thriller, which sees Ted Conkaffey once again teaming up with an unlikely partner – this time the father of the girl he was accused of abducting . . . When former police detective Ted Conkaffey was wrongly … Continue reading New Release Book Review: Redemption Point by Candice Fox

My Reading Life: The Spoils of Time Series by Penny Vincenzi

In case you hadn’t yet guessed, I have a literary love of the saga series, the ones where each book is around the 500 to 700 page mark with the content spanning decades and generations through the entwined lives of one family. A little bit like Downton Abbey but in book form, which is probably … Continue reading My Reading Life: The Spoils of Time Series by Penny Vincenzi

Writer Talks: Theresa Smith

How lovely to have been interviewed by Nadia L King for her blog. This is the finished interview which I’m thrilled to share with you.

N.L.King, Author

I met Theresa Smith through the Australian Women Writers Challenge (#AWW17) – an excellent movement designed to raise awareness of writing by Australian women. She lives on the other side of country to me (of course) but I felt such a connection with her, I couldn’t wait to interview Theresa and find out more about her writing, reading and her passion for books. I hope you enjoy Theresas’ insights into writing as a journey as much as I do.

NLK: Can you please tell us about AWW and the work you do there?

TS: The Australian Women Writers’ Challenge joins with other movements aiming to raise awareness of excellent writing by women – the VIDA Count, The Stella Prize and the #readwomen hashtag. The challenge has entered its fifth year and is going from strength to strength. Founded and led by Elizabeth Lhuede, the team behind the scenes is made…

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Australian Women Writers Challenge Sunday Spotlight: Virginia Taylor and her Historical Fiction series Southlanders

Fans of historical fiction, particularly that which focuses on Colonial Australia, should check out this interview I did with Virginia Taylor for the Australian Women Writers Challenge blog. She has written a fabulous series titled Southlanders, set in South Australia during the colonial era of our history. Welcome to Sunday Spotlight. Today we welcome Virginia … Continue reading Australian Women Writers Challenge Sunday Spotlight: Virginia Taylor and her Historical Fiction series Southlanders

Book Review: Lemongrass Bay by Theresa Smith

Humbled and thrilled at this wonderfully thoughtful review of Lemongrass Bay. There’s no greater satisfaction as an author than to know that a reader completely ‘gets’ your story. The desired connections made and everything lining up. For me, with each novel I’ve written, all I’ve really wanted in the end is to know that my story has brought entertainment and enjoyment to those reading it. Thank you Mrs B for letting me know, in such an eloquent way, that I achieved this. Your thoughts are much appreciated and have completely made my day!

Mrs B's Book Reviews

Title: Lemongrass Bayleomongrass.jpgAuthor:  Theresa Smith

Published: May 14th 2017

Publisher: Smashwords

Pages: 305

Genres:  Fiction, Australian, Contemporary

RRP: $5.99 (ebook)

When lightning strikes…
Emma-Louise and Rosie have been friends for life, their bond unshakeable. Both women are on the verge of a new life, a second chance at love and happiness, but the past is about to catch up with each of them.
A story of passion, resentment, secrets, and lies.

My review:

A freak lightning strike on the beach of Lemongrass Bay, a tiny back of beyond coastal town nestled between Queensland and the Northern Territory, has far reaching implications for victim Ethan Black and those close to him. Written by Australian author Theresa Smith, Lemongrass Bay is a powerful yarn, weaving together a story of friendship, love, loyalty and secrets.

Lemongrass Bay begins with a dramatic opening piece. Ethan Black, a local resident, is…

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I don’t often reblog, but this beautiful post by a favourite author of mine, Kim Kelly, just begs to be shared.

Kim Kelly

heart tree


Three days before I gave my husband Deano a kidney for Christmas 2014, I received an email from a psychology PhD student asking me to participate in a long-term study of organ donors. She only needed half an hour of my time, but I didn’t have five minutes to spare then.

I was scrambling to complete the final editorial queries on my novel, Paper Daisies. I pressed send to the publisher with less than twenty-four hours to go until the surgery. The rest of my head was consumed with pumping myself up with confidence that Deano would love my kidney like his own and that I wouldn’t die in the process.

I was in a place beyond sensible conversation. I was standing on the cold, hard threshold of my mad aeroplane door waiting to jump.

But now, today, I’d like to answer that student’s…

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