The Month That Was…


Life has been busy and joyful for the past month. Each of my children celebrated birthdays, turning 21, 19 and 17, and Zeus had his 10th birthday!

Zeus, making sure no one steals his back legs while he is not watching…

I’ve decided to combine my weekly newsletter posts with my monthly reading check in as my life has recently taken a different turn, for the better, but also, for the busier. I am now working full-time in a professional role, back in education but this time in the private sector and in a role that works with staff rather than students. I am thrilled. The champagne has been flowing here. I feel like I might be able to make the newsletter posts more meaningful with a combined monthly one rather than weekly.

Loving these change of season sunsets…

What I’ve been watching:

Jojo Rabbit is hands down one of the best films I’ve seen in awhile. The third and final season of Sanditon has arrived, episodes dropping weekly. Daisy Jones and the Six was a surprisingly good watch. I say surprisingly, because I actually didn’t enjoy the book. The TV series on the other hand, I loved! Your Place or Mine was an endearing watch, surprisingly good for Netflix who are proving themselves to be below par for movies. This one had a nice bookish undercurrent and a solid friends to lovers theme. Carnival Row is back for its second and final season. I am yet to get past episode two, not for any reason to do with enjoyment, rather, I’ve just been very tired of late and it requires a bit of concentration to follow along.

What I’ve been reading:

Throughout March, I read eight books, a number that is consistently proving to be my average. Six were review books, two were from my Kobo tbr.

Review books:

Kobo reads:

Currently reading:

I’m currently reading Homecoming by Kate Morton, her long-awaited upcoming book. It’s wonderful and immersive, as are all her books, but so very long. It’s taking me ages! A week of reading and I’m just on half-way. So far though, I do recommend it.

Until next month! Good reading x

10 thoughts on “The Month That Was…

  1. Congratulations on the new job!! You sound very happy with it and I am wishing you all the best. I picked up a copy of DAISY JONES given its success and it’s on my TBR, but it sounds like it might not be for me? And also, I hear you on Netflix.
    Also also, happy birthdays all round! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! It is a case of the right job at the right time.
      My biggest problem with the Daisy Jones the book was the style. It reads like a documentary, or a podcast transcript. I remember thinking that it would be ideal as a TV show and now, having experienced both, I’d say I was right.


    • Thank you! πŸ₯‚
      And lol πŸ˜‚ Zeus really does hold court here. You’ll be pleased to know he got his favourite for his birthday dinner, a nice big grilled fillet of salmon, not leftovers, the whole thing specially cooked for him.


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