The Week That Was…

It’s been quite a week this week. I turned 46, my daughter flew to San Francisco to commence her third year of university with a semester long college exchange program, and I had the pleasure of meeting one of my blogging friends in real life over a lovely bookish chatty long dinner together.

What Zeus has been doing:

Growing hair. It’s been two months since his surgery and his face once again looks normal but that triple coat is taking its time to grow back on his head. At present he looks like a dog who lost a dare at a party and was clippered by his drunk mate.

What I’ve been watching:

Solo, I’ve been watching the second season of Firefly Lane, which I’m enjoying more than the first season. It still has its cringe moments, but my low expectations going in are mostly being exceeded. Together, M and I started watching The Serpent Queen. It’s very good and I’m pleased it’s been renewed for another season.

What I’ve been reading:

These two are both released end of January so my reviews will pop up in line with that. Kylie Ladd has once again delivered five-star quality with a brilliant story of family and morality – all the feels with this one. The Heroines, the latest in the ever-popular sub-genre of Greek myths retold is not the best I’ve read but it’s also not the worst. More about that later. The cover is divine though.

Until next week…

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