The Week That Was…

A fresh new year. I’ve spent some time this last week making the most of long summer days, enjoying my pool, tidying up the gardens, and catching up with friends.

After a thorough weeding, my front garden bed finally looks like I envisaged when I started the project during winter of last year. This garden bed used to be roses but then they died and I got my eldest son to dig them out and then it was a weedy patch of nothing for quite some time. I wanted a bit of a cottage garden look, shrubby flowers and ground cover. The shrubs have now taken hold and are spreading out splendidly. It won’t be long before it’s all filled up.

What Zeus has been up to:

Not entirely sure what he’s up to here but it seems to involve hiding in the bushes in the pool area. He’s either spying on youngest son or planning on jumping out at him as a surprise…

Despite his best efforts at camouflage, he gave himself away.

What I’ve been watching:

I can highly recommend this new Australian series on Stan, Black Snow. Excellent cast, thought provoking storyline, and atmospheric setting. I predict some television awards for this one.

What I’ve been reading:

Until next week!

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