Book Review: Beach Read by Emily Henry

About the Book:


He doesn’t believe in happy endings. She’s lost her faith that they exist. But could they find one together?

January is a hopeless romantic who narrates her life like she’s the lead in a blockbuster movie. Gus is a serious literary type who thinks true love is a fairy-tale.

But January and Gus have more in common than you’d think:
They’re both broke. They’ve got crippling writer’s block. And they need to write bestsellers before summer ends.

The result? A bet to swap genres and see who gets published first.
The risk? In telling each other’s stories, their worlds might be changed entirely…

Published by Penguin Books Australia

Released August 2020

My Thoughts:

It didn’t take me long to pick up another Emily Henry! Her books have the right holiday vibe that I’m seeking at the moment and then I realised I had an unread Net Galley copy of Beach Read sitting on my Kindle, so, here we are, another one read.

I enjoyed this one immensely, the dialogue was snappy and fun, the characters likeably flawed, and once again, it’s a book about books – you can’t get much better than that. I particularly enjoyed the whole ‘inside the mind of a writer’ aspect to this one and how both characters were struggling with writer’s block and then decided to work together as a means of overcoming it. That it was a love story alongside this was a nicely played out bonus, but of course, it was far from cliche, and I enjoyed it a lot.

Another one I recommend. I probably liked Book Lovers a nudge more, but this one was right up there as a good read.

Thanks to the publisher for the review copy.

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