A Month of Reading: December

Another month of reading has passed, so too, has another year. First up, let’s look at December. I read six books in December, unsurprising that the total is low, December is a notoriously busy month for everyone. Two of my December reads were real chunksters though, so overall, I didn’t do too badly and it felt like I was reading regularly.

22 in 2022:

Two more added to the total for this challenge. I didn’t reach the target of 22 books, but I did hit 20, which is honestly a lot more than I thought I’d read. Just to refresh, my rule for the books included in this challenge was just that they not be review books, but rather, own purchases, as a means of reading some from my tbr shelves, both physical and digital.

Review Books:

So, that means the remaining four for December were review books. One of these was a January release I read in the last days of December. The review will be up in the New Year.

2022 Overall:

Every year I set my Goodreads target at 100 books. Some years I exceed this, some I fall short. This year I’ve fallen short, but not by too many. My total books read for the year was 90. Every month I’ve felt like I haven’t been reading as much as I should/could/want to but looking back at having read 90 books over the course of what has been an incredibly busy year, feels satisfying. The target will be the same again for 2023.

Some Stats:

The longest book I read was Demon Copperhead at 560 pages

The average book length was 306 pages

My average rating for 2022 was 4.5 stars – so, a terrific year for quality over quantity!

Next Year:

No challenges. I find them stressful. Even the 22 in 2022 was making me feel hemmed in. I’ll set my Goodreads to 100 books and leave it at that. I will still focus on reading a few classics again, I find these most enjoyable when read with a companion and I have the perfect one for that, she’s always up for a classic buddy read (looking at you Brooke). I’m also beginning a book club, an actual in-person one again. I’ve missed that and am looking forward to seeing what we read and how that all pans out. I also really enjoy reading on my Kobo, particularly during my lunch breaks at work, it’s a lot more convenient than reading a paperback while eating. The Kobo is filled with own purchases, so I’ll still be making inroads on my tbr shelves.

Happy New Year to you all. Wishing you a 2023 of good reading!

6 thoughts on “A Month of Reading: December

  1. I’m with you re challenges… I find them stressful, and I do not want my reading (my hobby) to be stressful.
    You and I have enjoyed some shared reading this year, and I’ve enjoyed your reviews (even when we don’t see eye to eye). So this is the time to say thank you… honestly, I don’t know how you do it when you have so much on your plate, but you have made a terrific contribution to promoting OzLit this year and I congratulate you!
    Happy New Year, Lisa x

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    • Thank you Lisa! I do enjoy our crossover reads! And thank you to you too, you inspire me and encourage me often to pick up an author or book I wouldn’t normally have looked at and I so enjoy your reviews. Cheers to another year of good reading!

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  2. Good luck with your in person book club and I hope we can buddy read another classic again this year. With the Aussie Book Blogger challenge coming to an end, I’ll only be participating in ShelleyRae’s non fiction challenge and the historical fiction challenge this year. Totally get why reading challenges (or resolutions for that matter) aren’t for everyone 🙂

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