The Week That Was…

There is only 16 days until Christmas! How on earth did that happen? I’m sure it was only September last week.

Joke of the week:

What Zeus has been up to:

Almost four weeks since he had his surgery to remove the tumours from his eye and head and he’s grown most of his fur back. Both wounds have healed beautifully and he’s beginning to look like his old self. Still seems to have developed a whole lot more attitude of late though, not sure what that’s about!

What I’ve been watching:

If you have an opportunity to go and see The Menu, I highly recommend it. Utterly unexpected in every way!

Like millions of others, I also enjoyed this new take on The Addams Family. Wednesday herself was an absolute treat of a character.

I’m currently watching Lady Chatterley’s Lover. I’ve been too tired to watch it all in one sitting so I’m just segmenting it up and pretending it’s a TV show. I am enjoying it though. Netflix might do Christmas movies badly, but they do book adaptations very well.

What I’ve been reading:

Until next week…

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