A Month of Reading: November

November has finished with eight books read. I’ve changed it up a bit this month too, with a cookbook, a short story collection, and a non-fiction/essay collection, definitely a change from my usual fiction only focus. I felt like I was really getting back into my reading routine in this last week of November too, juggling everything just enough in order to find time to escape into a book each day. I hope to continue this way into December, as it’s honestly been a great stress reducer for me, as reading always has been in the past.

22 in 2022:

Three for this challenge in November. I might even surprise myself and actually make the target of 22 books by end of December. I’ve read 18 so far, so I’d really have to magic some extra time each day just for reading, but you never know!

Review Books:

The remaining five were all review books (snap on last month where I read five review books also). There’s Been a Little Incident by Alice Ryan was the absolute highlight out of these ones.

Until next month, good reading…

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