The Week That Was…

What Zeus has been up to:

I mentioned a few weeks ago that Zeus was having surgery to remove two tumour/lumps, one on his eyelid and one on his forehead. Happy to report that he has been recovering well. After a few hours of very woozy walking on the night we picked him up, followed by a few days of fighting with a cone that was inexplicably attached to his collar, he’s now pretty much back to normal, if you overlook his weird lopsided haircut, that is. One thing though, he has been a bit naughty about the area on his arm where they put the IV-line in. Incessant licking has meant that the hair is not growing back, and the skin is all inflamed. As a result, he is now sporting a hot pink wrist band for the duration. Since putting that on, he hasn’t touched the area at all, not even to try and pull the banding off.

A bit of a side effect though from the surgery was the extra inside time he got during the day while recovering. Normally he is outside during the day and only inside at night. He is not impressed that we have reverted back to normalcy and has started aggressively barging the back door into the garage when he feels like he’s been trapped outside for too long, which is basically after five minutes. See exhibit A for the incriminating evidence.

Exhibit A

Around the garden:

The balcony climbers are flourishing and flowering. This is their second year, and they are now winding their way across the rails splendidly. The one on the left above only flowered with white flowers last year but this year I am getting yellow ones as well.

What I’ve been watching:

We’ve been watching Christmas movies, of course, but we also started The Thing About Pam this week. It’s a mini-series on Stan based on ‘The Thing About Pam’ Podcast and Dateline TV Episodes Concerning the Story of Pam Hupp. It’s very intriguing and Renee Zellweger is a standout as Pam Hupp.

What I’ve been reading:

Two Irish novels, both fantastic, a short story collection from the fabulously imaginative Chris Flynn, and I’ve started on with Lucy Barton. Will definitely be continuing with this series.

Until next time, good reading…

8 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

    • I think you’d enjoy There’s Been a Little Incident.
      I tried to take the pink band off yesterday and he wouldn’t let me. Seems he’s developed an attachment to it – in addition to the sticky one. 😂


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