The Week That Was…

It’s Christmas at my house now. The decorations are all up and the Christmas movie festival has begun. So far, we’ve watched Love Actually and Last Christmas. The adventures of the naughty Christmas Elf have also commenced…

Even Zeus is fully embracing the Christmas spirit…

Joke of the week:

What I’ve been watching:

Not just Christmas movies! I caught up on all of The Handmaid’s Tale and enjoyed the finale immensely. That ending scene was television gold! I’ve enjoyed the last two seasons of Handmaid’s the most out of all, I think. I have been trying to watch The Winchesters, which is a prequel to my all-time favourite, Supernatural, however, I’m finding it a bit hard to get into. At first, there was a fair bit of nostalgia that was enough to keep me watching but then I got to episode three, I think, and it just got a bit weird in a silly way with a bit of a musical vibe thrown in… I’ve put it on the backburner for now. The second season of The White Lotus has hit Binge and while it’s a tad less funny than season one, I’m really enjoying it.

But wait, there’s more! I went to the theatre this week and was mesmerised by Jane Eyre, presented by the Shake & Stir Theatre Co. This was completely engrossing and totally blew all of my expectations out of the water. Loved it, even if it was a massive challenge to get to the theatre on a weeknight after working a ten-hour day. Performed with only four actors, it was incredible, and they were each of them amazing. Best two and half hours I’ve spent in the theatre in years.

Around the garden:

This beauty was a housewarming/welcome home gift from a dear friend two years ago and I had all but given up hope of seeing it bloom. But there you go, at long last, it’s flowered for the first time.

What I’ve been reading:

A couple of cookbooks, a non-fiction essay style read, a brilliant historical fiction (Horse) and then a Greek retelling (Ithaca), which, to be honest, I’m struggling with. I normally enjoy Greek retellings, and while I’m really enjoying the sarcasm of the narrator, it’s a novel dense with characters and multiple threads, so maybe it’s just requiring too much attention from me at present, more than I have to give. I have put it aside and begun both of these:

My Name is Lucy Barton is being read on my Kobo, which I read from at work during lunch and on the go. Forever Home is a hardcopy, reading at home. Both will count to my 22 in 2022 challenge as neither is a review book.

Until next week, yours in reading…

10 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

    • I work 10 hour days on Tuesdays and Saturdays each week, with my other days being an 8 hour and then a 5 hour. The last month I’ve had a 5th day thrown in each week, a 6 hour day, taking to full time hours of 36 hour instead of my usual 30 hours. So, I’m kind of impressed myself that it’s all up but then, if I didn’t just get in and do it, I might not have even done it at all! It’s nice that it’s all done now.
      The two ten hour days are hard, particularly at the moment as I have an injured ankle. I have Sinus Tarsi Syndrome, with fluid trapped in my joint. Squeezing in lots of physiotherapy and permanently wearing a compression and ankle guard at the moment.


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