Book Review: Bliss on Toast by Prue Leith

About the Book:

What’s more comforting and satisfying than toast? And if you top it with a few cleverly paired ingredients, it can be a full meal, not to mention pure bliss. These 75 recipes for things on toast will help you make quick, delicious and versatile meals year-round – for working–from-home lunches and cosy Sunday suppers, to light bites, indulgent treats or impressive canapés. Recipes include:

Avocado, summer tomatoes & tapenade rocket on olive bread
Bubble & squeak with hollandaise on fried bread
Falafel, edamame & red pepper hummus on flatbread
Grilled chicken tikka with yoghurt on naan
Smoked salmon, wasabi & avocado on granary bread

Bliss on Toast is as much a toolkit for quick fridge-raids as it is inspiration for seasonal delights. With 82 years’ experience of good eating and 60 years of cooking, writing about and judging food, there is no-one who better knows what makes a meal bliss than Dame Prue Leith.

Published by Bloomsbury Publishing

Released October 2022

My Thoughts:

I love toast. So much so, when my son goes away, he always cautions me to eat more than toast for dinner. He knows me too well. It’s not just the toast I love, but it’s stuff on toast too, the sort of food you load onto toast that does it for me as well. This little book is the sort of cookbook I love. It’s more of an ideas book than a recipe book, although the recipes are included. As soon as I opened it, I was delighted by this:

I absolutely love Camembert on toast, but I usually drizzle honey over it. I adore blackberries, it’s a combination of taste and nostalgia, childhood days of blackberry picking and then eating the homemade jam straight from the jar. I hadn’t thought to put blackberries with my Camembert toast – but I shall remedy that with the next punnet of blackberries I get my hands onto.

Then there is this:

Mushrooms on toast…another win for the nostalgia as well as the taste. This recipe is close to what I already make but with a dash of flash that I am keen to incorporate.

Not all of the recipes in this book appeal, I’m not going to lie, fish on toast is not for me. But many of the recipes do look and sound great, and they also use pantry and fridge ingredients that most of us, perhaps those of us who cook a lot, that is, will have on hand.

Highly recommended for the toast aficionados out there.

Thanks to the publisher for the review copy.

14 thoughts on “Book Review: Bliss on Toast by Prue Leith

  1. Yum, we have mushrooms on toast every Sunday morning!
    With fresh parsley from the garden, but last Sunday he added some rivermint as well. (Remember that cookbook I reviewed with the native ingredients? We’ve got some of them growing in the garden now, e.g. saltbush.)

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