A Month of Reading: August

I just realised this evening that it’s September. I mean, I knew it was September, but I realised that it was several days into the new month and I hadn’t written up my recap on what I’d read for August. I can’t believe we are now in the last quarter of the year! I thought I had a good reading month throughout August but it turns out I only read seven books, one more than last month, which I’d deemed the worst reading month ever. What can you do? Life just gets in the way sometimes but I really do miss when I used to read twelve books a month without fail.

22 in 2022:

Review books:

It was definitely a month of reading quality, even if quantity was down. Four books were five star reads, the remaining three getting four stars each. I’d rather that than twelve average ones, for sure.

Until next month, good reading!

7 thoughts on “A Month of Reading: August

    • Fun, what’s this fun thing you talk about…😂
      I know. I think it’s in part that I miss reading so much. I miss reading and reading the day or night away. Since becoming a single parent, I’m either working or tired. Or both.


      • Ah. Yes. That.
        I know of which you speak.
        When a marriage dissolves, even the most unsatisfactory of them, the resources that the other partner brought to the marriage goes with them. Everything that was done by two people is now only done by one. Right down to who always makes the cup of tea or puts the rubbish out or remembers to buy the soap or pay the phone bill.
        (This is true even if your boys are wonderful, just as The Offspring was wonderful. They are not adults. There is only one person taking responsibility and making the decisions. Running the household.)
        It is exhausting.
        If you look to the example of an army of single mothers, those who’ve been single parents since day one, they can be inspiring. You are in the adjustment phase, and it’s hard. But things will settle, you will adjust your expectations of yourself, and you will find it easier as time goes by.
        Take some time to think through when you can realistically make some time for yourself, and then stick to it. Even if the carpet needs vacuuming or Zeus wants a walk. And if tallying your reading for the month makes you feel like a failure, stop doing it. Read a book instead.
        Hang in there, things will get better.
        Lisa x

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