The Week That Was…

What I’m loving on socials right now:

There are heaps of these getting around and some are quite funny. These two are my favourites, perfectly me on both counts!


What Zeus has been up to:

Speaks for itself, really. But for some reason, someone *Zeus* has recently decided to sit on shrubs. Not happy. He’s snapped a lot of the branches on what was a beautifully lush Strawberry Shortcake. Thank goodness for teenage sons who have friends who leave traffic cones at your house (the less said about that, the better, but for the time being, repurposing!).


What I’ve been watching:

Loved this! Yes, it was slow for the first half, but that’s my favourite sort of drama, with the foundations being laid down and the slow build. The cast was incredible.
Crying my way through the last season of this. It’s so good to see all the story threads from the previous five seasons coming together. It’s such a cleverly written show.
Have been meaning to for ages and now I finally am. Hooked already.


Mordy Moments:

I don’t talk about my little parrot much here on the blog, but over on Facebook he gets a bit more of the limelight. I’m mindful that a lot of people are against caged birds, I am actually not a fan myself, but Mordy is a special case that resulted in me changing for the situation we found ourselves in. We’ve had him for three years now, having rescued him from neglectful owners when he was a baby. He was quite traumatised at the beginning and couldn’t tolerate even the sight of hands from too much rough grabbing and a horrific home butchering job at clipping his wings. He’s come a long way with gentle care and consideration of his fears. He’s very attached to me and has increasingly become more bold in asking for pats and attention, so, my eldest son and I thought it was about time he had a chance at roaming free in a closed room (for safety, he has huge wings now and no flight sense). We hung out for a while together and he was neither scared nor frantic, just curious and friendly. I’m so happy that we have him and his life is now one that he enjoys. He’s certainly enriched my life!


What I’ve been reading:

This one is taking me a lot longer than I’d like. I’m on the fence but will reserve judgement until the end. I think I might just not be a fan of ship settings. Anyway, we’ll see how it pans out.


Until next week…

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