A Month of Reading: June

A much slower reading month for June. More work and more bustle in life generally tends to crowd the reading out. My total for the month was seven books read. Almost averaged two books a week, which when you put it that way, isn’t so insignificant, particularly taking into account such busy times.

I read another classic this month, Mrs Dalloway. I’ll confess here, I’m not going to be lining up to become a fan girl, but I will acknowledge her cleverness in terms of writing style, I just personally found it a mess to read. Nevertheless, very glad I’ve kept with the momentum of a classic read each month. Still undecided on what I’ll read next month although my Nancy Mitford is waving to me madly from the side table.

Mrs Dalloway also counts towards my 22 in 2022 challenge, so one more down on that.

That leaves six review books read. Not all of these of these have had reviews posted yet. Two aren’t released until later dates and one I just finished this morning. All decent reads that I’d happily recommend.


And that’s a wrap on May. Until next month… โ˜•๐Ÿ“š

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