Book Review: The Pursuit of Love by Nancy Mitford

About the Book:

Longing for love, obsessed with weddings and let’s not even mention the mysteries of sex, Linda, her sisters and cousin Fanny are on the hunt for the ideal lover. But finding the perfect match is much harder than any of them had ever dreamed.

Linda is first courted by a stuffy Tory MP and then becomes embroiled with a handsome but humourless communist, before she risks everything on a chance at real, head-over-heels love in war-torn Paris…

The Pursuit of Love is one of the funniest and sharpest novels about love and growing up ever written.

Published by Penguin Random House UK

My Thoughts:

“So we worked hard, mending and making and washing, doing any chores for Nanny rather than actually look after the children ourselves. I have seen too many children brought up without Nannies to think this at all desirable. In Oxford, the wives of progressive dons did it often as a matter of principle; they would gradually become morons themselves, while the children looked like slum children and behaved like barbarians.”

I now have a new favourite classic and I am also determined to read all seven remaining Nancy Mitford titles. The Pursuit of Love is utter, utter perfection. Such a comic delight with the most original and unique cast of characters.

Last year I watched the TV series of The Pursuit of Love and adored it. Suffice to say, it replicates the novel almost exactly. That’s all too rare, to see a TV series pay such an honourable homage to the novel upon which it is based.

As far as modern classic fiction goes, in my opinion, it doesn’t get better than this.

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