The Week That Was…

Winter is creeping in up here in Queensland. Southerner’s can mock all they like but as soon as I need to break out a throw rug…

The best time of the year for reading.


Joke of the week:


What I’ve been watching:

I’m loving this, based of course upon the novel by Sally Rooney.


What I’ve been reading:

Another two five star reads, a review one and a classic.


Until next week…

10 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

  1. I’ve never read The Pursuit of Love. It’s on my to read classics list but I had second thoughts after reading another of her books, Love In A Cold Climate which I didn’t like very much. Have you read that one and of so how do they compare?

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  2. I LOVE Mitford and I think I’ve read all of her books (maybe missing some short stories here and there). You absolutely must watch the BBC TV series version (was on Prime in Australia) – it’s fabulous.

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    • I watched that last year. It was divine and made me want to read the book. I have ordered a Penguin volume of all eight of her novels in one. I adore her style and want to read all of her work. I also want to rewatch the series now too.

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