Social Media Blast Tour: Momenticon by Andrew Caldecott

About the Book:

From Andrew Caldecott, the author of the ROTHERWEIRD trilogy, comes a dark, enigmatic, compelling new adventure: think Alice in Wonderland meets Station Eleven, played out in places where paintings come to life.

The world is on the brink of utter destruction.

Despite the climate activists’ best efforts, the atmosphere has turned toxic, destroying plant life, animals, and most of humanity too.

The few survivors live in domes protected from the lethal smog, serving Tempestas and Genrich, the world’s last two great companies. They both have plans for mankind’s future, but their visions are very different – and an uneasy collaboration between them is about to end, with desperate consequences.

But not everyone is bound to the companies: far from these centres of power stands the Museum Dome, where persons unknown have assembled mankind’s finest paintings and artefacts. Fogg, the curator, thinks he must be the last man left alive, for in the three years he’s been there, he’s not had a single visitor, and his only company is AIPT, his automated physical trainer, who’s very good when it comes to hamstrings and push-ups, but rubbish at actual conversation.

Then a single mysterious pill – a momenticon – appears in the Museum, proving he’s not alone after all. Before Fogg knows what’s hit him, he is embroiled in a desperate fight against time and the rival forces which threaten to overwhelm all that remains.

Published by Jo Fletcher Books

Released 12th May 2022

My Thoughts:

This one was a little too far into the realm of science fiction for me. I haven’t read Andrew Caldecott before, but from reviews I’ve perused, this novel is fairly reminiscent of his style and genre bending talents. It is undeniably clever, the weaving of literature and art with science fiction set within a post apocalyptic universe. My imagination has always struggled with heavy science fiction and the blend with steam punk fantasy positioned this novel too far out of reach for my tastes. If you are partial to science fiction though, or even futuristic steam punk fantasy, you may enjoy this more than I did.

Thanks to the publisher for the review copy and inclusion in the media tour.

6 thoughts on “Social Media Blast Tour: Momenticon by Andrew Caldecott

  1. I’ve read a couple of these speculative genre-bending books and those ones were actually really good, but the genre is IMO a bit overworked at the moment.
    I was looking forward to Jane Rawson’s new one but ended up abandoning it.

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  2. Not necessarily. The two really good genre-benders I’d read were The Signal Line and Hovering, and they set a very high bar. But more than that, I think I’d just had enough of that type of fiction and wasn’t in the mood. It wasn’t sent to me for review — I’d borrowed it from the library so #NoGuilt about not finishing it.

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