A Month of Reading: March

Is eight the new magic number for me? Eight books in February and now eight again for March. I made inroads with my 22 in 2022 challenge, ticking off another two books read for that. Still no classics…

Total books read for March: 8

All eight books were five star reads. So the quantity may be lacking, but the quality is high. I’ll take that any day!

Until next month, good reading! 😊☕📚

6 thoughts on “A Month of Reading: March

    • The ‘fed up woman’ cover is the design trend this year! Despite the covers though, each were quite different stories. But this kind of cover design can win or lose, some readers will be attracted to it because they loved one, but others might think it’s too samey.

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  1. My first experience of Anne Tyler was A Spool of Blue Thread which I sort of enjoyed but felt it was a bit like vanilla ice-cream. Today I finished Redhead by The Side of The Road and that was much stronger. So where would you put French Braid in comparison – is it more like Blue Thread or Redhead?

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