The Week That Was…

This coming week is a birthday week in my house. Youngest son turns 16 on Wednesday and eldest son/middle child turns 18 on Saturday, so this last week has been spent planning, finalising presents and cake requests, and looking back at little boy photos whilst wistfully sighing about the passage of time.


Joke of the week:

Pretty sure we can all relate to this…


What Zeus has been up to:

Seems like he’s trying to show he’s not on the couch whilst still almost being on the couch…

Man cave rules do not apply in my lounge room Zeus!


What I’ve been reading:


Until next week… 😊☕📚

8 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

  1. The covers of the Wait and Allsopp are so similar!

    Meanwhile, petrol prices – eek. A few years ago, a friend put me on to the Petrol Spy app (shows prices at various petrol stations) – incredible how much they vary. I had to fill up this week and nearly every station was advertising $2.21 – checked the app and there was a lone station selling for $1.94 on the way to where I was headed – hooray!

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    • You definitely need to look around for petrol. I’ve seen varying prices here already.
      Yes, those covers! I know, so strange though. Different publishers and different releases, the Wait isn’t out until July, but sometimes I wonder about these things.


  2. Sigh they really do grow up so quick!
    We were just talking about how next year my daughter will still be at University 400km south of us, while her brother is hoping for a University place 400km northwest of us, we’ll need bank loans just to pay for the petrol to get them there at the start of the year since neither of them drive!

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  3. Ahahahahahaha! Zeus is doing a “But Technically!”. That’s what we call it in our house when Fyo (or, let’s be honest, my husband) ALMOST does something they’re not supposed to do. “But technically(!) I’m not DOING THE THING”. Bless him! And happy birthday to all! May you all have delicious cake and make merry!

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