The Week That Was…

As I sit here in my sunny and dry region of Queensland, much of the South East of the state is disappearing under flood water and torrential rain just keeps on falling. There are dangerous storms that just keep on hitting, some containing tornadoes. It’s horrifying and devastating to watch unfold. It appears that it’s only going to get worse.

And of course, then there’s Russia invading Ukraine. I feel like I’m in a past reality with that one. It just beggars belief that we are seeing this particular form of history repeat itself.


Joke of the week:

I wasn’t going to post a joke this week because, well, see above. But this one fits and sometimes laughter is a tonic.


What Zeus has been up to:

Zeus has been incognito this week. Spending his days lolling about on eldest son’s couch in the man cave bingeing on Breaking Bad and possibly eating tacos. Last night he made an appearance beside my chair and put on this performance:

By way of apology for trading affection, it’s pretty dismal.


Gardening news:

I have the beginnings of a tomato! It’s terribly exciting and completely insignificant, but even so, look at it!


What I’ve been reading:


Until next week…

23 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

  1. Yes, it all feels rather grim at the moment (and that’s saying a lot on the back of years of a pandemic).

    Your tomato… I hope it progresses. I have bushes full of green tomatoes that have failed to ripen (and no zucchini, despite loads of flowers). Friends are asking for my annual tomato relish – might have to be green tomato relish this year.

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  2. Strange thing about tomatoes… most of ours were self-seeded via the compost that we use to top up the beds each new planting, and they turned out to be cherry tomatoes, yellow and red. We’ve had a good steady crop but the ones we planted from seedlings have had very little fruit and none of them have ripened. Yest? or ever? who knows.
    You know, it’s comforting to talk about trivial stuff like this when the world is a mess…

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    • It really is, I agree.
      This one has grown from one of those Woolworths little garden seeds that they gave out last year. The plant itself is very robust. They are supposed to be cherry tomatoes, so we’ll see how they ripen.


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