Book Review: One Night on the Island by Josie Silver

About the Book:

When Cleo’s editor requests that she marry herself on a remote island for her dating column, she envisions skinny-dipping in the crystalline waters and revelling in the blissful quiet.

But when she arrives at Otter Lodge, Mack, a grumpy, yet undeniably handsome American, insists that her cosy cottage is actually his. With no beds to spare and a storm fast approaching, they’re trapped.

Can what began as a disastrous double-booking turn into something more? And might this one night on the island change both of their lives forever?

Published by Penguin Random House Australia – Penguin General UK

Released 15th February 2022

My Thoughts:

Josie Silver has such a talent for delivering meaningful and heart-warming contemporary fiction. One Night on the Island is her third novel, I’ve read them all and enjoyed each of them immensely. I still don’t know why her novels aren’t being adapted into movies – they are utterly perfect for the screen.

What initially struck me as slightly absurd – marrying yourself – turned out to be incredibly life affirming and highly relatable. This novel is about so much more than two people from different walks of life being stuck in a remote cabin together. Is there love within these pages? Yes, but the love story doesn’t take on a predictable trajectory, and it’s also not the only point of the story. First and foremost, the focus of this story is on loving yourself and prioritising your own happiness; making meaningful connections with people who reciprocate, as opposed to empty friendships of convenience was another solid theme.

With its atmospheric setting – a tiny remote island off the wild coast of Ireland peopled with entertaining and distinctly Irish characters – One Night on the Island is a satisfying and heart-warming story embedded with timely themes: a novel that has it all.


Thanks is extended to the publisher for the review copy.

10 thoughts on “Book Review: One Night on the Island by Josie Silver

  1. You nailed it. I also enjoyed her One Day in December, though that didn’t have the tranquility of this offering. Currently tackling her other book.

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