A Month of Reading: January

The first month of the year already gone. In some ways it’s flown by, in others, it’s felt like a year in itself. Reading wise, I’m off to a good start, because for the first time in at least a year and half, I have read 12 books for the month! That used to be my standard, for so long, but then everything went pear shaped in my life and I’ve struggled to get back that momentum. Here’s hoping 2022 will see me reading so much more again.

I am not doing any official reading challenges, but unofficially, I am doing a couple of things:

22 in 2022: I’m keeping this fairly flexible, but basically, I am going to try and read 22 books off of my shelves that are ‘own purchases’, not review books sent to me. These can either be print or e-book, the only rule I’m setting myself is that I bought it, as opposed to being sent it for free. I certainly have a lot to choose from!

Classics shelf: I am determined to read more from my classics shelf this year. I have a rough sketch in my head on what titles and when, just need to put it into action.

Finish that series: again, this is a very loose challenge I’ve set myself to finish the many series I’ve started and not completed. There are a few in particular I will be concentrating on and there will likely be some crossover with the 22 in 2022 challenge.

Over to this month:

Total Books Read for January – 12

Favourite book: The Maid by Nita Prose and The Paris Bookseller by Kerri Maher

Least favourite book: Nightmare Alley by William Lindsay Gresham

Until next month…good reading!

22 thoughts on “A Month of Reading: January

  1. My month of reading has been terrible. Cricket being diagnosed with bone cancer, then losing her so quickly has definitely taken my mind away from reading. Hopefully I can get back into it soon. I have The Kingdoms waiting for me at the library after you gave it such a good spin. And I’m interested in The Maid as I keep seeing it everywhere. The cover of The Furies looks interesting, I’ll have to look it up. I’m glad you got the chance to read some good books.

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    • It’s been a tough month for you, completely understand how everything would be out of whack. xo
      My review of The Kingdoms is up this week, that’s definitely one you would like. The Maid as well, that was such a good book. The cover of The Furies is what attracted me to it but I can’t say I really recommend it, particularly if you are looking for something to just get swept up in. It’s too brutal and hard for that.

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      • Thanks for the heads up about The Furies, I’ll give that a miss I think. I need to write my end of month blog today, I said I was going to in order to hold myself accountable and keep track of my reading. Not many books to put in it though lol.

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      • I’m hoping to finish Michael Trant’s novel by tomorrow if I can get a couple of reviews written today, then I’ll feel better about sitting down to read.

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      • Yes, I’m finding it hard to write the reviews because I finished the books a while ago but wasn’t in a mindframe to write about them. They’ll just be short ones on GR and Amazon, not on the blog.

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      • Ooh that might be an idea, thanks for that. I might do that for the MM romances I read but don’t put on the blog because it isn’t a requirement of getting the ARC. Even if they only get one person read it who might be interested. I might do that monthly. I can post the group of photos to IG when I do that. I get much more traffic on IG.

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  2. You had an awesome reading month in January and love your own personal reading goals. I especially love the goal to read 22 from your own purchased stack. I participated in the Mount TBR reading challenge hosted by Bev for years which focusses on books from your TBR from long ago. Hope you discover some new favourites waiting for you.

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