The Week That Was…

My Covid quarantine ended midnight Tuesday of this week and I returned to work on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I am suffering the effects of ‘too much too soon’ this weekend, but I will be working shorter shifts over the coming weeks with days off in between, so hopefully I can avoid any further relapse.


What Zeus has been doing:

I had to take this photo through the fly screen because if I came out onto the deck, he wouldn’t have stayed this way. But this is Zeus, everyday, from 5pm til 7pm, in his happy place wearing his happy face. It’s certainly a dog’s life!


Quote of the week:

I saw this during the week and liked it enough to break from the weekly joke to share it.


What I’ve been watching:

A little less TV this week because there’s been a lot more reading. But I did squeeze in a movie and started a new TV series.


What I’ve been reading:

I haven’t had a reading week this good for a very long time!


Until next week…😊☕📚

10 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

  1. Make sure to take it easy, Theresa – take a leaf out of Zeus’s book and take a couple of hours to chill 😅 I live for your updates on what he’s been up to. Gives me something to look forward to, really – the idea of Fyo taking two hours to relax without needing attention sounds like a dream!

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