The Week That Was…

Happy New Year! I have set my Goodreads target at 100 books for this year, same as last. I’m not a fan of setting unrealistic targets, they tend to have the opposite effect to pushing me harder. I’ll be happy if I meet or nudge a bit past 100, particularly given that I will be juggling study with work and solo parenting this year. My week between Christmas and New Year was a busy one as I worked full time. Thankfully things will quieten down now work wise with the Christmas season finished. I already have a return to more normal working hours this coming week, which is welcome indeed! Given I was so tired each evening of the week and my kids were also away, I settled in front of the TV and made the most of having to not share it.


What I’ve been watching:

I enjoyed all of these! As you can see, I was jumping around the streaming services all week.


What Zeus has been up to:

Zeus highly recommends jumping in the muddy rush of water that backwashing the pool filter causes. Who knew that was what that white pipe in the backyard was for. 10/10 πŸ™Œ


What I’ve been reading:


Until next week… β˜•πŸ“š

20 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

  1. I’ve been doing a lot of TV watching of late and not much reading.

    I’ve heard good things about Love Me but don’t have Binge. I’m looking at ditching Prime soon – as there’s nothing I’ve watched on there for ages – so might look at another subscription service!

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    • I originally got Binge for 9 months free as a Telstra customer when I signed up for my NBN with them when I moved back to Rockhampton. I decided to keep it as it’s fairly inexpensive, only $9 a month billed to my Telstra phone bill. But I use it the most out of all my services. This series was their first Binge Original production. It was really terrific too. I like Binge as they air the Foxtel shows and it’s a far cheaper alternative to actually paying for Foxtel.

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      • At the moment I pay for Netflix and Amazon Prime. I got free Apple TV+ for a year when I got my new phone in May so I think when that time is up I might switch from paying for Prime to Apple. It kinda depends though doesn’t it, on what’s released?

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    • He is both of those things. Five minutes before the mud jumping he’d gotten himself stuck in the hedge that lines the pool. He has a knack for disappearing into shrubbery but is too big to usually squeeze back out. At least all the muddy water washed the twigs, leaves and flowers off of him.


  2. Zeus is my hero 😍 Seriously, does he have an official fan club I can join? Happy new year, doll – and here’s to lots more great reading and watching (and Zeus content!) in 2022!

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