A Year of Reading: 2021 in Review

I’m not doing a best of or favourite books list this year. I have read too many terrific and memorable books to be able to narrow it down so I’m just going to do my reading year in review using the Goodreads stats, partly because they look nice, but mostly because they have done all the work for me!

All of the books read this year have been reviewed here on the blog. All in all, it’s been a year of good reading. Cheers to that!

19 thoughts on “A Year of Reading: 2021 in Review

    • I feel like I’ve been super fussy in what I’ve chosen to read this year and stuck with books I ‘know’ were going to be a guaranteed good read. Comfort in familiarity, I suppose.
      Happy new year to you, too!


  1. Hey, Theresa, thanks for this. I didn’t realise you could generate such a list from Goodreads.

    Whoops, I had a look at my list, and couldn’t recall a lot of them. But once I started reading my comments or the book synopsis, they started coming back. My “favourite” was a book that no-one else shelved. I checked my comment:
    DNF. Sorry, but when “diary” is mispelled “dairy”, consistently, I just can’t continue reading. Once is a typo, twice is unfortunate, but thrice is chuck it out the window!” [With apologies to Ian Fleming.]
    I won’t deign to name the book or author (I think it was self-published).

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  2. My post, all being well, will go up Friday evening, but like you it won’t have rankings. It will be more a review of highlights from different perspectives.

    I’m impressed by you cover gallery! If I averaged my ratings it would be 4-ish, because basically I give most books 4. I don’t really like rating books, and any book I’d want to give 3 to I wouldn’t want to have read! So, while in my head there are many I’d give 3.5 (7) to, GoodReads doesn’t allow that, so 4 it is!

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    • I don’t really like rating books either and maybe that’s why my average is so high. Generally, 5 is one I loved, 4 is one I liked, and 3 is everything else. If I ever rate lower, it’s because the book was particularly bad or offensive, but that’s pretty rare. I know others are a lot more cut throat though!
      I can’t take credit for the cover gallery. I just took screen shots of the Goodreads year in review and then patched it together here on my post. But I do like to see them all in the one place. Funny how you can look back and think that you read something so long ago but it was only the start of the year.

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