The Week That Was…

In keeping with his usual mantra of ‘anything for some attention’, Zeus continues to allow us to use him as a prop for our Christmas joviality.

He has, however, exacted some revenge. Eldest son accidentally left him inside his man cave the other day (admittedly not hard to do, Zeus likes it in there so much he doesn’t make himself known when it’s time to go out). Anyway, there was an open packet of sherbet cones and when younger son responded to a brotherly text about Zeus being left in the room, he entered to discover Zeus standing on the couch scoffing the last of the sherbet cones. He really will eat anything.


Joke of the week/Christmas present idea for your sister:


What I’ve been watching:

Christmas movies, The Great, Chicago Med, new season Chicago PD and new season Walker have all been on our TV this last fortnight. My eldest son just signed up for the week trial to watch Paramount plus, I’m not keeping it, we have enough subscriptions, but I was going to try and watch The Luminaries adaptation while we had it this week.


🎄 Christmas present shopping is all done. Onto the wrapping! 🎁


What I’ve been reading:


Until next week… 😊📚☕🎄

14 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

  1. I didn’t get the Sally Hepworth so haven’t read that one. I think I missed her previous one too.

    I think I mentioned to you I’m going to ditch Amazon. I’ve currently got Apple TV+ for a year for free and when that finishes I’ll ditch Prime and pay for Apple instead. I don’t have Stan or any of those… just Netflix other than that.

    And I love sherbet. I haven’t had sherbet cones since diagnosed as coeliac in 2004 obviously but used to love the sherbet fountains – with a stick of licorice in the middle of a cylinder of sherbet!

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    • I never had one of those sherbet cyclinders! We don’t have Apple TV, but that’s almost the only one we don’t have. If it were just me, I probably wouldn’t have so many services, but teens make a difference and they do watch them, so I suppose my money isn’t wasted.

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  2. I have a few subscription services – resisting Paramount at this stage. I’ve got into the a bit of keeping a list of things I want to see on the various services, and then switching them on and off in phases (currently have Netflix, Stan and HayU).

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  3. I decided to downsize Christmas a bit this year, and have found a new home for most of the decorations. A young couple have just moved in up the road, they arrived from Britain about 6 weeks ago and have two small children but hadn’t got any decorations yet. So now they’ve got a tree, decorations, tinsel, some gold reindeer and those sparkly boxes that make it look as if you’ve still got presents even after you’ve opened them all up! The kids were rapt:)

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    • That’s wonderful and greatly appreciated, I’m sure. At work, we actually sold out of Christmas trees as of Sunday last week. So all throughout the week I was getting calls (I often work the phones at Big W) about whether we had trees because many people don’t decorate until start of December. So your new family are lucky you decided to downsize! They might have had trouble getting something new.


      • I know from my own experience as a migrant that there are so many unexpected expenses, it can be a bit difficult to manage Xmas on top of everything else. When we arrived, we’d been completely misled about the climate and my mother had to buy complete winter wardrobes for three children and two adults, and then the second-hand car we bought had to have major repairs. Like we were, this family is renting while working out where to buy a house and get the deposit together. We were not poor and my father had a good job, but still, there were people who were very kind to us in our early days here and it’s nice to ‘pay it on’.

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      • Even moving towns, as I did last year, has all sorts of expenses I didn’t anticipate so I can only imagine this magnified by moving internationally. I’m sure they are really appreciative and feel lucky to have met kind people so soon after moving.

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  4. Zeus can have ALL of my attention! And my sherbet cones! 😂😂😂 Hilarious!

    I’ve been considering a Paramount Plus subscription, but I’ll admit it’s mainly because I want to do a nostalgic re-watch of the original Sabrina, The Teenage Witch series. I’d be hard-pressed to squeeze it into the free trial week, though, so I might have to bite the bullet!

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