The Week That Was…

It’s finally arrived! Graduation week. Let the celebrations begin. And speaking of celebrations and arrivals, my cheeky daughter surprised us by turning up three days early yesterday. She’s come home for about 10 days for a break from uni/work. We were expecting her Tuesday but she was here when I got home from work yesterday!

Christmas is in full swing at my house now. A side effect of working in retail. I am surrounded by Christmas at work, I felt obliged to do the same at home. My kids are thrilled. They’ve always advocated for Christmas to begin about August so this is a happy compromise.

My favourite new addition to the annual Christmas decor:


Joke of the week:

There’s a lot of truth to this…


What I’ve been reading:

It’s been such a busy working week, I’ve just been reading this one, slowly savouring and loving every page.

And still on topic with this book, I was thrilled to open it to begin reading and see a cover quote from yours truly inside:


And on that note, until next week! πŸ˜ŠπŸ“šβ˜•

22 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

  1. Wow, that’s nice to see the acknowledgement of your reviews with the cover quote. And thanks for reminding me Christmas is coming πŸ˜‚

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  2. How lovely to have the year coming to an end so nicely, and what a lovely daughter. Anyhow, pleased to see things going nicely.

    It’s exciting when you see your name on a book blurb isn’t it. And the thing is they don’t always tell you so you don’t know. Mine on Foal’s bread, I remember, was told to me by someone else. I would never have seen it. Another occasion, though, I was asked.

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  3. Enjoy the Christmas cheer πŸ™‚ We have three family birthdays in the last few days on November so, as a rule, we don’t set the Christmas tree up until the first weekend in December.

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  4. Thrilled for you having a few extra days with your daughter! Enjoy 😍 And props to you for even being able to think about Christmas – mentally, I am still sometime in mid-July…

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    • Understandable. I feel like if I’d been in lockdown like you were for so long, I’d be inclined to feel as though I were stuck back to ‘before’ wanting to erase the lockdown period. You get a pass on early Christmas spirit!


  5. Wow! A cover quote!! Congrats.
    I’ve been quoted on author blog posts, but not on an actual cover yet (that I know of), although I tend to wait until publication date before posting reviews, which makes it hard to be included I guess!

    I’ve been feeling a bit bah-humbug about Christmas this year, and we have B21 just finished with uni exams, hanging around, feeling bored, so I think I will give it to him as a project – although I’m waiting until he finishes the gardening project he started on the Thursday with lots of enthusiasm and ‘specific vision’ before giving him another πŸ˜€

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    • This is my third cover quote, but the first that isn’t an Australian author. On the other two, my quote was on the smaller format paperbacks, but in this case, my quote is from my review on the last book released by Minette Walters. I don’t usually read and review before release either.
      Good luck with those projects you’re setting for your son! I hope he feels happy with how he went in his exams.


      • He studies hard to get decent but not astounding grades. I suspect he’s studying a course that isn’t as interesting as he hoped it would be, but is at a point where he just wants to finish to see what comes next.
        Hope your pre-Christmas plans run smoothly!

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