The Week That Was…

It’s been a busy two weeks, hence my not checking in last Sunday. I’m settling into my new job well and am pleased that I made the change. We’re on the countdown to the end of Year 12, four days of classes, a couple of assignments, and two exams to go. What a whirlwind. Zeus is so exhausted by it all that he’s found a nice little out of the way mum won’t notice me here spot behind the couch to relax in and recover from his spectating of all the human activity going on around him.


What I’ve been watching:

I used to watch Chicago Med on free to air TV a few years ago but they were never consistent with airing all the episodes. I’ve started watching it from the beginning and am enjoying it all the more this time around for being able to watch each episode in order. I’ve always been a bit of a medical drama junkie.


Joke of the week:


What I’ve been reading:


Until next week… 😊☕📚

6 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

    • I’ve seen all of Chicago Justice. I watched Chicago Fire for years but lapsed when it was no longer airing consistently on Free TV. I’m a huge fan of Chicago PD, have seen every episode, just waiting for the latest season to start airing on Binge.


  1. My husband was addicted to all the Chicago series. What made me laugh was when Rahm Emanuel was elected Mayor, he showed up in the first episodes of all the new Chicago series that aired in 2012 – the first season after he was elected. He’s such a HAM! (I don’t think Lori Lightfoot did the same in 2020!)

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  2. Do you think Zeus could make room in his special spot for one very-frazzled recently-reopened-and-totally-overwhelmed Sydneysider? 🙈😅

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