The Week That Was…

My African Violet is blooming its little heart out!

I finished with one job on Friday and begin with a new one on Thursday, so I’m currently enjoying a five day mini break. Bliss!

On Tuesday, school returns, and my eldest son goes back for only three weeks…then that’s it, year 12, and all of his schooling days, are over. There are assessment weeks after that until mid-November, but that daily grind will be all over for him. He’s been such a reluctant attender for years now, I’m counting down as much as he is. It’s definitely a victory though that he’s gotten to the end. I’ll be very proud (and relieved) to see him graduate. We went suit shopping last week and he’s completely outfitted for his formal now. That was a heavy moment, from boy to man in an outfit.


Joke of the week:

This was a joke I shared with my two sons this week. They are banned from walking into any place that is called Fido’s as I’d end up with thirty dogs for sure.


What I’ve been reading:


Until next week… 😊☕📚

12 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

  1. Congratulations to your eldest… that stickability will stand him in good stead for the years ahead.
    And congratulations to you too, I’m glad those years of anxiety about this are over for you.

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  2. HA! Fido’s would have to close down after my visit, I wouldn’t be able to leave a single dog (or drink) behind 😅 Congratulations on the new job, and I’m cheering on your son as the end approaches!

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