Submissions Opens for Heroines Anthology Volume 4

The 2022 Heroines Anthology is now open for submissions of short fiction and poetry. The Heroines Anthology is a collection of stories of women written by women. Works with a particular focus on telling lost women’s history, untold stories, and reimagined myths, fairy tales, folklore or legends, or speculative fiction, are particularly encouraged. 
The 2022 Heroines /Joyce Parkes Women’s Writing Prize will award two of the works selected for the anthology: 1st prize Short Fiction $1000 & 1st prize Poetry $1000.
Read about our prize patron Joyce Parkes here.


  • We only accept submissions from writers who identify as women.
  • We accept previously published work as long as you retain the right to publish it and it has not previously won an award.
  • We expect all work to demonstrate respect for others.
  • While we accept submissions of work for publication in the Anthology from outside of Australia, the prize will only be awarded to someone residing in, or a citizen of, Australia.


This is the Heroines Anthology’s fourth volume. We suggest that you read our previous anthologies to get a feel for what we are looking for (and what stories and myths have already been covered those years) before you submit. You can order a copy at a 10% discount with the code SUBMIT2022. Please note that we do not generally publish memoir unless it is exceptional and has a strong link to our preferred themes.

How to submit:

  • Submissions must be made via our webform.
  • The submissions must include your receipt number from the Prize submission fee.
  • Submissions will close on the 28th February 2022
  • Fee per submission of $ 15 (If you have financial issues & cannot pay this fee. Please contact us.)

Short Story Entries

  • We accept submissions of short fiction of up to 3000 words  (12-point standard font, 1.5 spacing)
  • Only one story per entry. You may submit multiple stories however this will require separate entries. 

Poetry Entries

  • We accept submissions of up to 5 pages of poetry in a 12-point standard font & 1.5 spacing. 
  • This can be made up of several shorter poems, or one longer work.
  • Separate the poems by marking the end of each piece. 
  • You may submit more than one entry; however, this will require separate entries.

If you have questions, contact Prize Manager Lore White:


*Repost from Heroines Prize – all enquiries should be directed to them using the contact details above*

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