The Week That Was…

Following on from last week, Zeus is not even attempting camouflage anymore. He has discovered that the man couch in eldest son’s room (which is actually the rumpus room repurposed as a flat/bedroom/teenage mancave and adjoins the garage by a door most conveniently located right beside Zeus’s dog bed) is an ideal height for a dog with dodgy hips to still be able to get up onto. Particularly when he’s encouraged to do so by said teenage son when mum is at work and can’t say no. His face is his weapon and we are all powerless.


Joke of the week:

I find the idea that this book even exists hilarious. I’m also strangely rather curious about it as well…


Spring is here! And right on cue, so are my little buds.


What I’ve been watching:

This show! I couldn’t stop watching it! I can’t even begin to describe how good it was. Streaming on Binge (in Australia).


What I’ve been reading:

A slow reading week. I am filling in as a store manager for a few weeks so my home hours have reduced in line with my work hours increasing. I’m sure I’ll adjust and strike an ideal balance soon. I am not quite as intensely tired anymore as I was on the first couple of days.


Until next week… πŸ˜Šβ˜•πŸ“š

15 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

  1. How could you refuse those beautiful, soulful eyes? Zeus, you’re a heart breaker…or should that be healer?
    Only intensely tired for a couple of days? You are doing well. You’ll appreciate book time even more.

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    • It’s like my body went into shock at rising an hour earlier and the first few days were quite physically demanding. The store I have stepped into had a fair bit of sorting out needed, stock wise, so I was doing a lot of moving and moving and moving some more. There might have been some afternoon naps.
      Oh Zeus, he’s definitely a comforter, that’s for sure. He just oozes love. Quite right, impossible to refuse!

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  2. Where would we be without our dogs?
    As I write, Amber is perched on the top of the sofa, ready to sound the alarm should anyone walk past. She knows she’s not allowed to do this, but short of adding barbed wire to the top of the sofa, I can’t stop her!

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  3. Love this “His face is his weapon and we are all powerless”. Dogs just make you melt don’t they. My daughter’s new partner has a dog, and she’s featuring in many communications.

    I haven’t heard of White Lotus, but we don’t have any streaming services. Don’t seem to have time for them.

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    • I would get double the reading done if I had no streaming services! But my teenagers would start a revolution if I stopped them.
      I have always been a dog person. I feel they have so much character. Huskies are very vocal and expressive too so he’s always doing something to make us either laugh, shake our heads at him or give him a cuddle.


  4. I could not deny Zeus anything, he is our hero and a god amongst dogs πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚ Looking forward to hearing what you thought of The Heart Principle, I really enjoyed it. Don’t work too hard! x

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