The Week That Was…

Life in all its busy glory with a broken wrist (younger son, football) and becoming licensed to drive (oldest son, Ps). Plus, I upgraded my 17 year old dishwasher and I am proud to say I installed it myself! Where there is a will there is a way, I am discovering more and more in this new world of being single that I’ve found myself in.


Joke of the week:


I had the pleasure of interviewing Kim Lock (The Other Side of Beautiful) for a Facebook live event for HQ. It was such a lot of fun! Here’s the link if you have a spare 30 minutes and feel like some bookish entertainment. Not even a technology glitch could keep me down… 😂


The Booker Longlist:

I’ve read one of these, No One Is Talking About This, and it’s not the type of book I deem prize worthy, but apparently it’s not all about me…this list would be very different if it was!

I’d have to look the others up. I’ve heard of Great Circle (was meant to get a review copy but it never showed up) and seen Klara and the Sun reviewed by others I follow. Sometimes these books land on my doorstep after the listing, so by the time the shortlist rolls around, I may know more. Or not!


What I’ve been watching:

Book to film…this was lovely. I enjoyed The Last Letter to Your Lover when I read it years ago and the film well and truly did it justice.

I finished watching this one. It was very good but I was left feeling apalled at the ‘business’ of the American health system. Christian Slater gave a brilliant performance, it really had been too long between drinks with him.


I watched an excellent Brisbane Writer’s Festival author talk with Avni Doshi (Burnt Sugar) on motherhood and society’s expectations. It was a purchased event, so unfortunately I can’t share the link here. I really do love this digital age of festivals though, it’s widened up the horizons well and truly. Anyway, am certainly thinking of reading Burnt Sugar now.


What I’ve been reading:


Until next week… 😊📚☕

18 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

    • I think after reading A Strange and Brillinat Light, I am sci fic bot filled to the brim. Can’t imagine reading another similar book again so soon. Not because I didn’t like A Strange and Brilliant Light, but more because it’s just not my genre and I like it occasionally only.


    • Ah ha! I knew someone I regarded had disliked this one. And that’s why I hadn’t yet bought it!
      Already on that task request, although today, it was pick up your brother please from football because I am at work! But I will no doubt get to make some leisurely requests. They do like to drive and drive and drive when they first get their licence. My daughter has still not tired of it almost three years on.

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  1. Hooray for an independent driver! And also eek!! I’m keen to hear your thoughts on STILL LIFE. I’ve heard such good things. Thank you again for interviewing me, I had such a fun time chatting with you! Have a lovely weekend xx

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    • Definitely both those things. I was the same when my daughter got her licence a couple of years ago. Hooray, but wait, now they are driving around alone with other people on the road as well! Parenthood!!! Now I worry about two while rejoicing at their independence. Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend. xo


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