The Week That Was…

I’m on an enforced break from work for a week because of coming down on Thursday with a case of shingles. I had it just over 20 years ago, but thankfully, this time round is mild and nothing like the agony before. This is completely owing to catching it early, there really is a narrow window in which the treatment works at its most effective. In my case, I mistook the first signs for a coldsore outbreak and treated it post haste with the one dose anti viral tablets you buy over the counter at the pharmacy. When other symptoms popped up over the next couple of hours, I had a firm suspicion on what it was. Call it muscle memory, or maybe I’m still traumatised by the first time I had shingles, but my hunch was right. The doctor said I had caught it extremely early and to expect the maximum effectiveness from the medication. I am lucky, the early intervention has stopped it in its tracks and I am only experiencing the most mild of cases. Still, it’s been put down to stress and the doctor insisted on a week off. Easy for him when you are paid a specialist salary. I haven’t worked in my job long enough to accrue the sick leave to furnish this wellness break. Trying not to stress about that! In truth though, even though it’s only mild, I still do have blotches on my face that itch and a general feeling of blah, so he’s right. I do need the break.

Speaking of break, my washing machine decided it needed one too, so it stopped working. Ughhh! Fortunately it’s only new and still under warranty. Even so, said break coincided with both of my boys returning from their school holiday trips away with bags bulging with washing. Of course they did.


What I’ve been watching:

Under orders from my eldest son who insisted I watch this because he thought I’d like it. I think he just wants someone in-house to talk to about it. Either way, I watched it for him and he was right, it’s quite enjoyable, although I don’t really know the Marvel universe enough to fully understand everything. We’re now waiting on the final episode which will drop on Wednesday.

It’s really just a soap opera but it’s so easy to watch! Season three of Virgin River arrived just in time for shingles and a couple of days before my boys got home. The timing couldn’t have been better.


What I’ve been reading:


Until next week… 😊☕📚

32 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

  1. So sorry you’ve got shingles again! I had it once, when I was 18 (brought on by heartbreak) and it was truly agonising. I couldn’t sleep, had my arm in a sling, and had to defer my exams. So I’m glad you have it only mildly this time. I did have an anti-shingles vaccine a couple of years ago.
    Re watching, have you seen Doc (SBS on Demand)? It’s brilliant; Italian series about a star doctor who gets shot in the head by father of a patient who died, and loses 12 years of his memory. Gorgeous actor, lots of interesting characters. I think you’ll love it if you haven’t already seen it. I binged it and then rewatched it straight away.
    Rest well. PS my website is now but it won’t leet me change it below

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  2. Oh no, I’m sorry to hear you’ve been unwell!! Lots of healing vibes to you; I do hope you manage to find as much rest as you can. (My sister had shingles a couple of years ago, but never having had it before she didn’t catch it early and suffered terribly!) Lots of love. xx

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    • It’s definitely one of those things that scars your memory once you’ve had it. This time around is much milder for catching it early but I distinctly remember the pain from the first time around. I suffer a lot of chronic pain to different degrees but nothing like the nerve pain of shingles.
      Thanks for your thoughts, they are much appreciated. xo


  3. I feel your pain… or at least the memory of it. I’m glad that you aren’t suffering as much as the initial case.
    I had shingles years ago and thought I could handle any pain.. not so. I wish you well. Not a good week, it can only get better! Be kind to yourself.

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  4. I hope your shingles is a bit better. I’m two hours into The Circus of Wonders and really enjoying it. Nell has just been kidnapped and wrecked the inside of the trailer. I nearly cried when she ripped the books up, especially my beloved Jane Eyre.

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  5. Poor you Theresa, but if it’s a mild case it might be a blessing in disguise as I think you probably do need a little rest. I hope you do rest on your week off.

    (My daughter had shingles in her mid 20s, and we got it early too, so her case was mild. I fear it immensely, but I realise that with the medications these days it can be managed if you recognise it.)

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  6. Ack!! Shingles = not fun at all. Glad you caught it early and hope that your break sends it packing. At least you’ve got some great reads to take your mind off things! I’m currently in lockdown here in Sydney, and have similar concerns about my washing machine – it’s over 40 years old (so the warranty has probably expired, you reckon?) but it would be the WORST TIMING for it to finally crap out now. I’ve managed to MacGyver it back to work for now, but cross your fingers for me…

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