Book Review: Retrospective by Kelly Van Nelson


About the Book:

From the #1 bestselling author of Graffiti Lane and Punch and Judy comes another edgy poetry collection packed with explosive emotion and pulsing with candid insights into the underbelly of urban life.

Retrospective takes a raw trip down memory lane, delving into the mind of a child navigating the streets of a council estate in northern England, stripping back the layers of young adulthood in the search for love and acceptance beneath the glare of the city neon lights, and finally crossing the bridge to a place where troubled past meets optimistic future in a literary celebration of transformative determination and steely inner strength.

My Thoughts:

Razor sharp hindsight is infused throughout this entire collection and I could feel the anger simmering beneath the words. Retrospective is an autobiographical poetry collection, deeply honest and raw, at times painful to contemplate, but ultimately empowering. Written against a Covid backdrop, Kelly Van Nelson has created a new and vibrant poetry collection that will take those of us who were children in the 70s and 80s on a journey back through time. Kelly Van Nelson has such talent as a poet, her ability to convey so much in just a few words of prose is remarkable and inspiring. Fans of contemporary poetry will rejoice in this new collection.

loved ones in brood
who make up a home
friends in your circle
ensure never alone
people you meet
create like-minded vibe
wind under wings
make a powerful tribe


Thanks is extended to the author for providing me with a copy of Retrospective for review.

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