The Week That Was…

Well, this was some week! We headed into the week with great sadness, farewelling our beautiful old girl, Diva, who we had the privilege of loving for almost 12 years. She had been deteriorating over the last year, more so in the last few months, as very old dogs do – German Shepherds have a shorter lifespan than many other breeds, sadly. She was a brilliant dog, loyal, stubborn at times but also obedient when you needed her to be – except when it came to going to the vet. There was no way she was ever backing down and walking in there herself. I always knew she would go until the end, just lie down one day after playing and not get up; which is exactly what she did. At least she left us while in her favourite place with her favourite people and her favourite dog companion by her side.

Losing her, no matter how ‘expected’, was a blow, and not just to us. Zeus, our husky, was adopted in 2017 specifically as company for Diva. He’s missing her terribly and we are spoiling him a bit at present – it’s sort of a mutually therapeutic coping mechanism. Here he is on his new outdoor bed – the deck gets cold in winter and he does love it up there, looking out over the yard, onto the neighbours deck, and inside into the living room, all from the one spot. It’s an adjustment for all of us, not having Diva around.

Remember that scratching in the ceiling I mentioned last week? Well it got worse before it got better. After a couple of sleepless nights panicking about what it is – I am generally extremely anxious about rodents, to the point where I will have a panic attack at the thought of encountering one. They’re probably the only thing I’m actually scared of and this has been a lifelong fear. I’m actually worse when they are dead. Cannot even look at a dead rodent. So I hired an exterminator to deal with all of it for me. Honestly, the peace of mind alone was worth it. Someone else to get up into the ceiling, confirm what is was – a few mice, not a godzilla sized rat – and then just take care of it by exterminating them. Clearly, the timing of this happening while dealing with my beloved Diva passing away was not ideal and probably accounts for the high levels of anxiety I’ve had all week. The benefit of this anxiousness is that I kept very busy as I was unable to be still. My house now has every gap around every pipe under all the sinks sealed and the bottoms of doors have been weather proofed to keep pests out. I’ve already noticed a drop in cockroaches and geckos, so that’s a win! The downside of all this anxious busyness…

What I’ve been reading:

Only one book for the entire week and it wasn’t one that grabbed me either. I really struggled to get through it, actually, despite the rave reviews of many.

In an effort to get my reading back on track, I’ve picked up this upcoming release by Stacey Halls, in the hopes of a guaranteed brilliant read. I’ve loved all her books so far, so this one should do the trick.

Here’s to a more upbeat week next week. To finish on a high note, my new lounge, which had been on order for a few months, was delivered Saturday afternoon. And it’s all that I had hoped it would be. Seeing my living room all set up at last has made me feel enormously satisfied, as though I’ve finally reached the end of a long journey. We are well and truly settled back home again, even if we are now missing one of us. But at least Diva had her final months back home, in the very same house where she first joined our family as an overexcited enormous puppy. I like to think she knew she was back where she was meant to be before letting go.

Until next week… 📚☕

20 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

  1. So sorry for your loss, Theresa. It has been many years since we lost our boy Thor but he was such a big part of our family so I can get a sense of what you are going through right now. I can’t even imagine how much Zeus must be missing Diva.
    You lounge looks divine, by the way. I am glad you are settling into your home again and that the rodent eviction went well.

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  2. I’m so sorry, Theresa, for the loss of your beloved Diva. What a gorgeous girl, and so clearly loved. And I wanted to say I can share your unwanted house critter anxiety! For me, it’s huntsman spiders. I can’t even look at them – alive or not. I’ve had a couple of experiences being trapped in a car in traffic and one appears. (Hence the scene in BEAUTIFUL!) It’s not nice to feel so afraid so I am very glad you had someone who could come and help you, and here’s hoping next week is anxiety free for you. Take care and much love. xx

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    • The longer we have our pets, the more forever they seem!
      I’m not all that scared of spiders, but I still think I’d be seriously rattled if a huntsman appeared in my car while driving or sitting in traffic!! 😳
      It feels irrational to be afraid of something like that as an adult but I suppose that’s what a phobia does to you: you’re terrified whilst telling yourself you shouldn’t be terrified!
      Can (hopefully) only improve from here on in.
      Thank you Kim xox

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      • I’m so sorry for your loss Theresa, you’re in my thoughts. I’m with Kim, I’m terrified of huntsmans. Rodents don’t scare me and neither do snakes, but I can totally relate to the phobia and the feeling of panic and terror critters can cause to those of us afraid of them.

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      • Huntsmans really do top the ladder for arachnophobia, don’t they?! Growing up in rural Victoria, I got used to them, but then again, I should be used to rats and mice too as there was no shortage of them on farms, so I suppose that has nothing to do with it!!

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  3. Sorry to hear about Diva. Even when you know they have had a good long life it is hard to see them go. I love the look of your new lounge room furniture. You must be hyperventilating when you see the videos of the mouse plague in country NSW.

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    • I looked only once at that news footage and felt sick. I don’t know how people can live with it. It must be so traumatising, even for people who aren’t phobic. I read a couple of articles with locals giving examples of what they are going through. Just horrific.
      Thank you for the kind thoughts too xo


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