Book Review: All We Dream by Pamela Cook

All We Dream…

About the Book:

Revised Edition of Essie’s Way

A forgotten necklace. A family secret. Two women hiding from the truth.

When successful Sydney lawyer Miranda McIntyre searches for something old to go with her wedding dress, she remembers an antique necklace from her childhood. Her mother’s denial of its existence only deepens Miranda’s curiosity but the discovery of a faded wedding photo and an old newspaper clipping reveal long-buried family secrets.

Who is the woman in the photo? And why are these keepsakes hidden in her mother’s closet?

Miranda’s quest for the truth takes her on a road trip south to the idyllic seaside village of Pelican Point where she stumbles upon a secluded cliff-top cottage and the reclusive Esther Wilson. As Miranda begins to unravel the mystery, a tale of daring rescue, forbidden love and shocking betrayal unfolds.

Meeting enigmatic horse trainer Vincent Kennedy forces Miranda to question the life she has worked so hard to create, throwing into turmoil everything she thought she knew about the past and about herself.

A multi-generational story of family, hope and following your heart.

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this novel, All We Dream, and I think it would make a terrific book club choice. There’s a lot to unpack, both about the characters and the themes, that would provide ample fodder for a robust discussion. I enjoyed the stories of both of the main characters, but I was particularly moved by Esther’s backstory. The injustice that Esther was subjected to, whilst in the grips of unsupported grief, was abhorrent. It chills me to think that wives were at the mercy of their husbands so completely, that they could be rendered mute in such a fashion; and not all that far in the past, either.

Miranda’s journey, both the physical and the metaphorical, was one I enjoyed embarking on. There was much I could relate to here and I found myself deeply invested in her happiness. Pamela Cook knows how to craft her stories well, optimising the suspense and maximising the emotional impact. Her strong feminist themes of owning your own life and living on your own terms appeal to me greatly, as does the way in which she weaves important issues unique to women into her narrative.

With its engaging characters, compelling family mystery, and emotionally charged storyline that seamlessly blends the past with the present, All We Dream is a novel to treasure from an author who offers the best when it comes to Australian storytelling.


Thanks is extended to the author for providing me with a copy of All We Dream for review.

Connect with Pamela Cook:
Twitter @PamelaCookAU
Instagram @pamelacookwrites and @w4wpodcast

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