The Week That Was…

This week has been all about the books. All the shelves arrived and all the books are now in their homes throughout the lounge, my bedroom, and my study. It’s wonderful to be surrounded by my books.

And the crown jewel, my display cabinet for my special edition books and teasets.

My youngest son has been moaning that he now lives in a library. He should be so lucky!


Joke of the week:


What I’ve been watching:

Quite by accident I discovered a third season of Medici on SBS. Still partially in shock at the thought I may have never known!


What I’ve been reading:


What I’m reading right now:

This one is for a buddy read with my Facebook book club group.


Until next week… 😊📚☕

25 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

    • Well, I only just set them up. Give them time to fall into disarray. 😄
      Although, I hear you on the different sizes of books. I don’t know why there are so many different sizes. Some of mine are very random. Surely there is an industry standard?


  1. LOL. I notice that you’ve resorted to a little bit of double stacking. I was always reluctant to do this because you have to remember what’s behind the front row. But it was a necessity to get all the books out of boxes. Over the years we’ve managed to declutter, so there are fewer books and fewer bookshelves, and no double stacking. But I still get a warm glow admiring your bookshelves (and wishing I could run my muddy paws over your collection).

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    • The double stacking can be a necessary evil. I’ve tried, as much as possible, to have larger books at the back and smaller to the front so I can at least still see what’s there. It would be a dream though, to have an infinite number of shelves and to never have to double stack.


  2. Oh look all those shelves, so beautiful! Well done you. Please tell me how you decide what books are going in different rooms? I’ve always kept them in one room (and I’m RUTHLESS with culling!) but our new house won’t accommodate that for much longer and I’m going to have to put some in other rooms… (Oh to be one of those authors with an office!) Do you do it by genre? Favourites versus not-as-favourite? Or is it just alphabetical and continues from room to room …?

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    • I do it by if I’ve read them. So, the fancy bookcases, the really big one and smaller one, are books that I’ve read and have decided to keep. The cabinet with the teasets are special editions only. The large cube shelf in my bedroom is books to be read that I’ve purchased myself. Same with the two white cases in my study. The blonde wood cube and the racks are all review books to be read, sent to me by publishers and authors. I find I can’t keep track of my reading obligations unless I have a separation system like this. That does mean that all the shelves are often having books removed and added, not necessarily staying the same and untouched, except for the special editions cabinet, because whether I’ve read those books or not, they stay there so they are protected from the elements.

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  3. I think that reorganising the bookshelves is one of the best sorts of therapy that I have found. Always gives one a happy glow to see all the books nicely organised, but I have to agree with Kate about the book sizes. Yours seem to be reasonably equal, but mine seem to come in every size imaginable. Looks great, though.

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