The Week That Was…

It’s been a fortnight since my last week that was post, but what a fortnight it has been! We are now settled into our home. It’s both exciting and a bit surreal returning to a house you’ve been absent from for nine years. My children were under 10 when we left and are all older teenagers now. But we’re all very glad to be home. Here are a few pics, the night shot is the view from my back deck.


Joke of the week:


What I’ve been watching:

Hilarious! I laughed throughout the whole movie.

I ended up watching this after reading Sunflower Sisters, a civil war novel. I love this movie and this would have been my fifth time watching. I also love this novel and am now tempted to read it again after re-watching the film.


Rediscovering my home town:

It’s nice discovering the little changes around Rockhampton that have occured since I last lived here. I love how the buildings and trees along the river are all lit up with coloured lights at night.


What I’ve been reading:


Until next week… 😊☕📚

15 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

  1. Lovely to hear that you are settled back in your own home at last. You must feel great – but take care because your body and mind might just have a little collapse after having to be go-go-go for so long. Be good to yourself.

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  2. Glad to hear that you’re settled in now – that transient feeling can be quite exhausting. Self-medicating with favourite movies and books is the perfect antidote for any slumps or blue days. Take care.

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  3. Oh my goodness, I can’t even imagine how much Rocky has changed since I was there last (nearly a decade ago!). Glad to hear you’re settling (back) in, sounds like things are going swimmingly for you!

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